Iven Kincheloe (1928 - 1958)

Kincheloe was one of the original three pilots to develop and test the X-15.  He was a test pilot in many of the Century Series of jets (F-100, F-102, F-102, F-104, F-105, and F-106).  Kincheloe was killed during a flight in an F-104 at Edwards Air Force Base in 1958. 

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Knowledge taken from the subjective world of intuition, insight, human-based learning, and lived experience is not viewed as real knowledge—it is “unverified.” Values are viewed as emotional responses and are viewed as the opposite of that which is “factual.” The proceeding points constitute a specific, value-laden position. Yet, it is this position which is defined as objective. All positions which disagree with it are subjective and thus inferior. In this way the culture of positivism has established the rules for inquiry in modern society.
—  Joe Kincheloe, “Exposing The Technocratic Perversion of Education”
Kincheloe (2008) argues for a fundamental rethinking and deep reconceptualization of the purposes of schooling to include consideration of:

- what human beings are capable of achieving
- the role of social, cultural, and political in shaping human identity
- the relationship between community and schooling
-the ways that power operates to create purposes for schooling that are not necessarily in the best interests of the children that attend them
- how students and teachers might relate to knowledge
- the ways schooling affects the lives of students from marginalized groups
- the organization of schooling and the relationship between teachers and learners.


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I was reading a post that included a link to the Universal Life Church’s website and holy shit. Not only can you become an ordained minster, but they have some of the coolest stuff on sale. 

Jedi Knight Certificates? Press Passes? HONORARY RELIGIOUS TITLES?

I can buy a title for 14 dollars.

Can I hold more than one honorary title? Can I be Archbishop, Grand Master Brain Wizard, Time Lord, Master of Ceremonies, Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality, Joshua Kincheloe?

Just take my money.


Home is where the heart is but what a shame ‘cause everyones heart doesn’t beat the same, it’s beating out of time.. (at Kincheloe Park)