Pro-life SC GOP former director Todd Kincannon wants to kill everyone with Ebola.

Pro-life means pro-fetus.
Pro-life means pro-fetus.
Pro-life means pro-fetus.

I'ma keep tellin y'all that until it finally sinks in.

This clown who used to be the executive director of the Republican Party in South Carolina went on a Twitter rampage this weekend calling for immediate death to anyone who tests positive for Ebola.  Families, healthcare workers, cameramen – anyone exposed.

And he caps it off with a comment about Wendy Davis and abortion.  The stupid is starting cause me physical pain at this point.

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Important note

If you’re following or participating in #Gamergate on twitter, please take a moment to decry @Todd__Kincannon

Dude is transphobic, homophobic, nuts, and deeply unpleasant. Don’t let him attach to this movement like the parasitic leech he is so he can ramble about the communists or whatever stupid bullshit he sees when he closes his eyes