Book Collage based on ‘It Ends With Us’ by Colleen Hoover

I’ve been wanting to post this foreverrrrr but I’ve been wary of posting anything too spoiler-y since it’s a new-ish release and Colleen has been very set on the “Read it Blind” idea - which I totally agree with in this case. I’d like to think this collage doesn’t give away anything TOO spoilery, but I’ve tagged it just in case.

Also just a heads up that most of my designs are filled with spoilers. Just. Everywhere.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! And if you haven’t already done so - go and read this damn book! I’ve yet to hear any negative reviews of it.

I really need to get back into collage-ing. I feel like I haven’t done it in aaaages.

Harry: Hey you guys, I’m not jealous. I’m just looking out for her. I mean, Karren is practically a sister to me, a blonde, shapely sister…

Micheal: Look, maybe Karrin and Kincaid wont even do it tonight. I’d call it fifty/fifty.

Harry: You would?

Michael: Oh I’d be wrong, but I’d call it that to keep you from doing something stupid.

Thomas: Dresden, you gotta do something stupid! Sitting around feeling helpless all day, that isn’t healthy. That’s why I’m gonna stalk Justine.

Butters: *eating a piece of Swiss cheese* Ya’ know, I really love things with holes. Swiss cheese, doughnuts, inter-tubes. I don’t know what it is about a hole but it just feels good.

I’m super tired right now, but I can’t stop thinking about Karrin Murphy. More specifically, how she’s super good at her job but always gets crap for it. Can you imagine what it’d be like if she had bosses that supported her and weren’t completely horrible practically 24/7? Like, can she just get a job working for the Fringe Department or something?

Actually, no. Murphy would make an amazing Warden, and I can’t believe I’ve never read an AU where she was a wizard too. Like, maybe she was Morgan’s apprentice, constantly making him freak out cause she keeps hanging around that no good dark wizard Dresden. Or Kincaid, god, Morgan would hate that, and it would be so funny.


So Sora never got a proper introduction and is feeling pretty left out at the moment. So….

Here is Sora Mink Kincaid! She goes by Mink most of the time however there is a rare occurrence that she goes by Sora. She was kicked out of her father’s mansion the night she turned 18 and has been traveling around for the past few months. However she has decided to ‘settle down’ in Windenburg far away from her father and step-mother. This is a random legacy challenge and I will be following the guidelines for this gen. If anyone wishes to know the certain guidelines be sure to shoot me an ask in my inbox or personally message me

Mink: I just wanted a short intro, no need to write a book over it!

First you want an intro and then when I write one you complain about it! Why are you so finicky!

Mink: You created me, it’s your fault so why don’t you ask yourself!

And sarcastic! We would be best friends in real life!

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Scottish Clan Cheifs

@ihatespoilers just asked if Females can be Clan Chiefs, well of course they can, here are the ones I have just dug up after a few minutes. 

Clan Elliott: Margaret Eliott of Redheugh

Clan Kincaid: Madam Arabella Kincaid

Clan Fraser: Flora Fraser, Lady Saltoun Clan Fraser

Clan Grierson:  Sarah Grierson of Lag

Clan Hunter:  Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston and of that Ilk

Clan MacDougall: Morag Morley MacDougall of MacDougall and Dunollie

Clan MacKay:  Elizabeth Fairbairn

Madam Ann MacKinnon of MacKinnon is Clan Chief of  Clan MacKinnon but I couldn’t locate a pic of her

Homework #1

Find an example of a narrative you really like ( think like Jamaica Kincaid’s Girl that we read out loud in class today). It does not have to be a literacy narrative–it can be any kind of narrative (though it might help if it’s in the first person). 

Post a link to it here, and in a paragraph or two, briefly answer and explain the following questions:

1) what is this article/story/blurb/essay/confession about?

2) what makes this a narrative?

3) how is it told (see pp. 88-89 of NORTON textbook for examples)?

4) why do you like it?

5) do you think you could write something like this? why or why not?

6) what tricks, tools and qualities could you take away from this narrative and adapt to your own?

Due Friday 8/26.