Commission: Summoning Spider by *Luckster

Another commission for Kinathis! This time with Yalla a teenager, practicing her summoning spells under the proud and watchful eyes of her mother. So far, she’s doing well in summoning her companion, Chandra.

Kinathis has been a very lovely client of mine for a while, as well as being an amazing friend. Even when Fenchat started turning darker against me, they were always very kind, sweet, polite, and at times generous to me. Their characters are fun to draw, and they’re very reasonable to work with.

For those reasons alone, I had no problem going a few extra leaps and bounds for this commission.

They probably expected me to simplify Chandra to my toony style. But honestly, with the references I was given, there was no way I could do it while maintaining her sexy and badassness. So, I just went all out.

As tired as I am, I am happy with the end result. I hope Kinathis is too~

Characters are belong to Kinathis