Title: Last Kiss

Group: Ikon
Member: Bobby x you
Type: Drabble

- - -

“You know… I never got a last kiss.” Bobby smiles and studies me under his eyelashes.

“What?” My eyebrows rise in surprise. We’re waiting on the street and I lean to the brick wall arms crossed.

His eyes sparkle a mischievous laughter but he stays silent, challenging me.

“Last kiss? There was only one we ever had…” I try to reason.

“Oh I know. But if that was the first kiss then there oughta be a last one too.” He imitates my pose and leans his shoulder to the wall facing me, crossing his arms.

“Forget about it.”

“Now, now. You owe me a kiss. And I’m a man of principle so if someone owes me something sooner or later I will collect what’s mine. You can decide whether it’s now or later but trust me, I will get what I want.”

I sigh. For someone so chill he can be amazingly stubborn and persistent if he wants to.

I think about the one kiss we had. It was drunken, short and tasted like vodka. Not a proper kiss at all, more like a peck. Not on my list of top 10 kisses.

I glance him and he still stares me relentlessly. I can sense he’s gonna bring this topic up every time we meet until I give in.


“Is that a yes?” he asks.

“Yeah yeah, I know what a pain in the ass you can be so let’s just get this over with.”

“Great,” he smiles pleased.

He steps closer and I straighten myself for a kiss. His face moves near and rising his hands to my shoulders he gently pushes me up against the wall.

An amused smile rises to my lips. It looks like he’s about to set the record straight about his kissing skills.

The eyes fixed on mine he moves closer and his warmth reaches me. At the same time I can feel the cold of the wall against my back and the heat of his body.

His hand moves down to hold my hand, fingers sliding through mine. The other hand reaches up to my touch my face.

He gives me a smile lips moving toward me. His thumb caresses my jaw and when the kiss comes he pushes my chin slightly to open my mouth.

I close my eyes when his lips touch mine. The kiss is slow, exploring, soft and his breath feels warm on my face.

The kiss continues. It tastes sweet and his tongue slides gently against the edges of my lips. He places my hand he’s holding around his neck. My head touches the wall as he pushes forward. I fold my hands around him.

When the kiss breaks we catch our breath. I open my eyes and he looks me for a moment before letting me go.

His kiss has caused a shade of red to climb on my cheeks. I collect myself and lean back to the wall crossing my arms.

“So, how was it?” he asks.

“For a LAST kiss it was ok.”


“Yeah. Not bad.”

Smirking he leans to the wall next to me.

“Good. Now we can forget about it,” he says and gazes the street.

I look down to my sneakers and try to gather my thoughts. I don’t want to admit it but I really enjoyed the kiss. He avoids my gaze and acts indifferent a smile caressing on his lips.

I realize he’s got me on his hook and he knows it. I bite my lip and stare into space. I’m fucked.

- - -

Hope you enjoyed, my first drabble!

can we please talk about “probably perfect” by bobby tho???
  • “I always pined for your face before falling asleep , But it’s not because i miss you but because I love you”
  • “Your presence like this is my greatest blessing”
  • “It’s probably a habit that I always have your name on the tip of my tongue”
  • “When it’s cold, I’ll lay my arm over your shoulders and pull you in for a kiss”
  • “Until I am able to wipe away your tears, I will wait for you”