kin of the hill

Oh ye

BTW my main kins will forever be James Sunderland (silent hill 2) and Henry Townshend (silent hill 4) there’s something about both of them I love so much and I have lots of memories to do with both.


Happy bday to my kin the one and only @murray_hill here w the superstar italian stallion soul twin @angiepontani 💋🎊 Gr8 show murr! Killin it Mr Showbiz (at Joe’s Pub at The Public)

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  • Atsushi: You haven't slept with Kin-chan,have you?
  • En: That is a cheap question and the answer is,of course,no comment.
  • Atsushi: "No comment" mean "yes"
  • En: No,it doesn't.
  • Atsushi: :Do you ever masturbate?
  • En: DEFINITELY no comment.
  • Atsushi: You see? It means "yes"