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Brilliant Bianca 

I moved here from Haddonfield. SoJay is flat- I believe coastal plain is the term. Hills is some place where Jed and the kin moved. So the other night I pulled over on a hill to read the Waze map. “You don’t use your parking break”, she asked. I’m sure my reply was both confident and poorly thought out. That’s what I do. Just now I watched an unoccupied car roll downhill out of a parking space onto a traffic island in the Whole Foods lot. Stupid tourists. Did I mention that she’s rather pretty, too?


“ Hey, I had some requests that I was hoping to get? I’m Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3, and my dad being murdered, enduring Silent Hill, and dealing with assorted creeps all my life definitely hurt more than I can ever really express. I wanted to ask for some vent art, a button set, a playlist, and a self care post? …  The buttons with happier drawings of myself, Douglas Cartland, Harry Mason, Alessa Gillespie, and my locket?” -Anon

Here are your buttons, Heather! I included transparent versions of the buttons and the art itself in case you would like to use them for your own icons! I hope you like them! If you would like to purchase physical copies of them in the future, just let me know! -Mod Gusty

The Legend of the Faerie Wife

This is a ditty that came to mind as I was reading @takemeawaytocamelot ’s wonderful Red Jamie and the White Lady story. I’m honored that she’s let me in on some of the development of RJWL and that I get to share this companion piece with all of you!

You can find RJWL HERE.


An excerpt from “History of Clan Fraser”

The Legend of the Faerie Wife

This story begins over two hundred years ago, with a Fraser of Lovat. He was traveling alone, away from his home and kin. He came upon a faerie hill and stopped to rest amongst the large stones that circled its crest.

It is said that suddenly the wind rose and howled; the stones cracked as if the world opened up around him. Terrible things tried to escape the mouth of the earth as it opened. Then, silence fell and there before him, lying asleep in the smooth grass, was a beautiful woman; a faerie from the hill.

He gathered the woman in his arms, carrying her away from the hill in fear that it would swallow her again. She awoke then, lost and confused, unable to say where she had come from. He brought her home to heal, not knowing that this choice would forever alter the future of his line. Time passed and the pair became friends.

She became a healer, performing miracles to the awe and disdain of those around her. A village girl, who was jealous and wanted the Fraser man for herself, spread hateful lies about the new healer, declaring her a witch in whispers behind her hand. While other folk began to fear the woman, the Fraser man grew to love her; his faerie from the hill.

One night, under a rowan tree, he confessed his love, offering her his beloved mother’s ring as a symbol of his loyalty. It is said that she warned him of the danger in loving a woman such as she, but his heart was already hers. Confessing her own love for him, she gave the only gift she possessed; a kiss. They were hand-fast there, under the moon and stars, and the man and his fairie were one.

More time passed and the love between them only grew stronger but, while their hearts were full, their arms were empty. Months passed, and still they were not blessed with a child. Despite this trial, their passion for each other never dwindled. The man continued to care for his home and tenants and his wife continued her healing.

One day, the jealous village girl saw the Fraser wife dancing in the forest, calling upon nature to bless her with a child. Angry and spiteful, the village girl spread new rumors about the strange healer and her witchcraft. The villagers, fearful of evil demons coming upon them, began to shut their doors at the woman’s arrival. Shunned, she returned home, seeking solace from her husband.

It is said that the Fraser wife received messages, warning her to flee before her day of judgement. It was believed that she had cursed her husband, deceiving his heart and mind so that he would take her to wife. Unless she released him, they would kill him to fully rid the world of her dark influence.

Fear for her beloved husband gripped her heart and she made preparations to return to the stone circle. Although her mind was set, her heart and soul cried out for him; her lover and friend. She sought him out, aching for one last moment. Her husband, unaware of her machinations, guided her to the rowan tree and they were home in each other once more.

The Fraser man woke, cold and alone. Fear gripped his heart, for his wife was gone. Mounting his horse, he searched high and low, finding the villagers doing the same. Realizing where she had gone, he rode for the faerie hill with all due haste, praying that he would be in time. His wife foremost in his mind, he did not see the village girl watch him ride away.

He reached the hill, crying out as he saw his wife approaching the tallest stone, prepared to disappear back into the earth. Seizing her hand, the man pulled her away and into his arms, shaking with fear. Their lips met, their tears mingling as they professed their love again, at the place of their first meeting.

Then, angry cries rose up as the village men with the fastest horses arrived, dismounting and drawing arms to take the witch they sought. The Fraser man drew his sword, gladly willing to give his life to see her safely away. She turned, trying to reach the stone, but the way was blocked.

Then, a great stramash erupted. Her husband guarded her, twisting and parrying, taking down each man who tried to harm his wife. Unarmed, the woman could only watch. Suddenly, the three remaining village men attacked at once, and her husband cried out. He stood again, taking down another. Then another. Then, after felling the last of the attackers, the Fraser man reached for her as he fell to the ground.

The woman held him as his life’s blood left him, crying out as words of love and tenderness left her lips. He kissed her ring, the symbol of his loyalty, promising to find her again. He smiled, the knowledge of her love and safety enough for him as he passed from this world into the next. It is said that the place the Fraser man fell, high up on the fairy hill, is covered with blue flowers; the color of his eyes.

News of the man’s death spread quickly and the truth of the jealous village girl’s lies became known. Many mourned him, for he had been a brave and kind man. Despite this, the healer was still looked upon with judgement and mistrust.

The Fraser wife had her husband buried under their rowan tree before she disappeared. Legend has it that the woman roamed the world for a time, living in solitude until she should also pass from this earth and join her husband in the world beyond.

Then, just as heartache and despair became too much, the touch of her husband’s life resounded within her womb. It is said that the woman and the Fraser man’s love was so perfect that the child was gifted with the magic and knowledge of the faeries. As winter turned to spring, the Fraser wife gave birth to a son with eyes the color of the flowers on his mother’s faerie hill.

Hey Guys, So I Know I Already Posted About This, But...

I feel like I need to post it again. So there’s a Doctor Who spinoff called ‘Class’ that includes teenagers fighting aliens, it’s basically like a British ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, but more modern day with aliens and the Doctor.

Anyways, it’s in major danger of being cancelled.

Why? You may ask. Well:

It received very poor ratings as it aired in the UK due to horrible advertising (many whovains have still never heard of it), and it only airing on BBC Three (an online-only platform) and BBC One but really late at night (nearly midnight, it’s basically the super bad death slot for shows). While it’s doing fairly well as it’s now airing in america, it might not be enough to earn it a renewal.

So what can we, as fellow whovians do? Well there’s a list of things.

1.) Send the BBC a quick email expressing your desire for a second series.

2.) Get those ratings up! Watch it legally. If you’re in the UK, use. That. iPlayer!!! Either that, or order the DvD. If you’re in america, or know american friends, tell them to watch it! Watch it live, record it (you don’t even have to watch it), or see it OnDemand. Just made sure you do it legally!

3.) Express your enthusiasm about the show. Tell the BBC ( @bbcone /@bbcamerica ) or Doctor Who ( @doctorwho ) on all forms of official social media. Also make posts about it, make art, do whatever. Just make sure it’s all tagged up!

4.) Also, there’s a petition that’s gained a lot of attention recently, and I know, I know. It’s a pain, signing a petition. It’ll only take like 2 minutes of your day, so please give it a shot. It does ask for your address, so if you’re not comfortable with sharing that, maybe use a fake one? Just make sure your email is real, because at least something on the signing should be. That petition can be found (here).

So in conclusion:

Basically, please please please try and get this show renewed. It’s about time that our favourite Sci Fi show gets another spinoff. It’s good too, good acting, writing, vfx, etc. Plus there’s some references to the Doctor Who EU (Expanded Universe), as well as a guest appearance from the Twelfth Doctor in the first episode. It only got 8 episodes, and never really got the chance to spread its wings. So please, please give it that chance. Let ‘Class’ be the next big thing.

Thank You.


Whoniverse: Class - AU where Katherine Kelly is the next Doctor and the Sixth Form students of Coal Hill are her companions.

Forgive Me

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You look around Imladris. It felt so nice to be back home, but you weren’t going to say that. Not in front of these dwarves.

They had yet to find out that you were actually an elf. You told them that you were of the race of man and throughout the journey, you kept your hair in one big braid and your ears were always tucked under your hair and no one had suspected a thing. Well at least you thought they didn’t.

You felt bad but it was necessary in order for you to actually join in the adventure. Gandalf had sent word to you that he needed help and after a very long conversation with your father, you left to meet Gandalf in the Shire.

Gandalf had told you that Thorin would be very against you joining since you were an elf and you promised that you’d hide your heritage for as long as you could, but now that you were home you weren’t too sure you could.

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Okay. The scenes with Len and Jasper, pre-breakup was so cute! I was literally squealing as I watched it. Jasper, Eleanor and Sarah Alice are literally family goals. Ugh I hate Jasper’s father. I love that Jasper was willing to give up his only chance of happiness to make sure that Len wasn’t made to be in a different light. I almost started crying when Jasper was talking to his father and said “you don’t know what you just cost me.” I firmly believe that Sarah Alice or James is going to give Lenny that story book and tell her that Jasper only broke up with her to protect her. You could see when Jasper was hugging Sarah Alice, he was trying so damn hard not to break down and not worry Sarah Alice. I really hope that Len and Jasper figure things out and get back together. I also hope that Jasper tells Len why he did what he did. Here’s hoping next week is a bit better.

Remnance of Sanity: On the Edge of Madness || Bilba and Thorin


“Dwalin! Have Miss Baggins report to my chambers immediately,” he commanded as he walked away from the balcony. Behind him was what looked like a looming army threatening to invade his hard-earned Mountain. Hah. Let them come. See how well they can try to infiltrate this fortress kingdom now that he had set traps along the way. He knew this day would come where they would be begging for his mercy, his wealth like the thieving rats they all were. Men of Laketown, Elves of Mirkwood, it didn’t matter. They were all vermin and soon, all will be wiped out as soon as his kin from the Iron Hills came to his call.

It was nightfall and he knew there would be no attack tonight. Perhaps by daybreak, Dain Ironfoot would arrive. No. He will arrive. When his king calls for him, he must obey. They all must obey. But no… they wouldn’t. Not even his own kin could be trusted. He didn’t have the stone. The Stone was what secured his rule and with it missing. He wouldn’t be anything worth fearing, worth respecting without it.

“But Thorin-!” Dwalin protested.

“KING Thorin, to you! That is an order and I expect it to be followed with no questions asked!” He snarled at the dwarf. He had enough of the insubordination amongst the company lately. He already knew one of them was hiding the Arkenstone from him and so only a show of force can keep them in line. “Do it!” 

Once he was in his chambers, he cast off the armor and the heavy cloak. He washed his face in the basin near his bed as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. The crown on his head seemed to droop a little. Some hairs were sticking out oddly. 

Look at you…. playing dress-up again,aren’t we? he heard the voice again. Poor, pathetic little dwarfling… it does not matter what you wear on your head or what you call yourself… you will never be king… you will never be anything but a little boy playing games… don’t you see? Couldn’t you hear them laughing at you? What king? What right do you have to call yourself king? What power do you REALLY have?

You’re wrong… I AM the king…. This is MY kingdom, my Mountain! I-!”

Your kingdom? Ahahaha…. poor poor foolish dwarf runt… you can NEVER be King! The voice echoed and roared in his ears.  What did you do to reclaim this Mountain? You did nothing! Did you yourself loose the black arrow that smote the Dragon? Did you find your father? Did you truly kill the Pale Orc? Did you protect your beloved brother as you promised? You are nothing but a failure. Behind all your pomposity and pretense, you are nothing but a frightened little child waiting for someone else to do the dirty work as you claim the credit. They know that. They ALL know that. And that is why they laugh at you, mock you. You are weak and will always be a weakling. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Enough!” He smashed the mirror with his knuckles. He breathed heavily as tried to block out the sounds of laughter. “Shut up! SHUT UP!”