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a soft boy

A city where necromancy is legal and actually a part of every day society.

So long as you follow a specific set of laws to make it seem a bit more ethical, you’re allowed to use it to do anything from helping you in a fight, to helping you run your business. In fact, there are entire shops or restaurants where the staff are undead.

Laws to handle the undead could be things like:
• The corpses used cannot have flesh on them for sanitary reasons, especially in the case of businesses. Those who raise undead who are more than just bone will face a fine dependent on their situation.
• Similar to how people can donate their bodies to science, or donate their organs to those in need, people can choose to donate their bodies to necromancers before their death.
• If it is unknown if a person wished for their body to be donated after death, and they have been dead for 150+ years, you’re allowed to raise them. If next of kin is still alive, you must get permission from them first.
• You must take care of the undead in your charge. Keep them clean and unbroken. If one of them starts to get too much wear and tear, you are required by law to respectfully lay them back down to rest. Failure to do this will get you a hefty fine.

Theres an addition to my hundreds of ships… Not sure with the ship name tho?

i imagine kaede being all done with Kiibo avoiding her for the past few weeks (because at this point he feels nervous when shes around and it might lead to awkward scenarios) even though she was always a nice, patient, caring friend towards him…

So she walks up to him and asks him to SPEAK UP (as in tell her if there’s something bothering him)

And Kiibo will immediately misunderstand what she said (with if ur a REAL man say it(feelings) to me straight, NOW!) and he just blurted out his feelings.

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