kin of the hill

Okay. The scenes with Len and Jasper, pre-breakup was so cute! I was literally squealing as I watched it. Jasper, Eleanor and Sarah Alice are literally family goals. Ugh I hate Jasper’s father. I love that Jasper was willing to give up his only chance of happiness to make sure that Len wasn’t made to be in a different light. I almost started crying when Jasper was talking to his father and said “you don’t know what you just cost me.” I firmly believe that Sarah Alice or James is going to give Lenny that story book and tell her that Jasper only broke up with her to protect her. You could see when Jasper was hugging Sarah Alice, he was trying so damn hard not to break down and not worry Sarah Alice. I really hope that Len and Jasper figure things out and get back together. I also hope that Jasper tells Len why he did what he did. Here’s hoping next week is a bit better.

I don’t want anyone to watch Superbad bc of me it’s “borderline homophobic” (Seth rogen said that instead of just “homophobic” idk what “borderline” means) and the female characters have no personality I just like imagining it as their lesbians bc it would be funnier and iconic representation.

Remnance of Sanity: On the Edge of Madness || Bilba and Thorin


“Dwalin! Have Miss Baggins report to my chambers immediately,” he commanded as he walked away from the balcony. Behind him was what looked like a looming army threatening to invade his hard-earned Mountain. Hah. Let them come. See how well they can try to infiltrate this fortress kingdom now that he had set traps along the way. He knew this day would come where they would be begging for his mercy, his wealth like the thieving rats they all were. Men of Laketown, Elves of Mirkwood, it didn’t matter. They were all vermin and soon, all will be wiped out as soon as his kin from the Iron Hills came to his call.

It was nightfall and he knew there would be no attack tonight. Perhaps by daybreak, Dain Ironfoot would arrive. No. He will arrive. When his king calls for him, he must obey. They all must obey. But no… they wouldn’t. Not even his own kin could be trusted. He didn’t have the stone. The Stone was what secured his rule and with it missing. He wouldn’t be anything worth fearing, worth respecting without it.

“But Thorin-!” Dwalin protested.

“KING Thorin, to you! That is an order and I expect it to be followed with no questions asked!” He snarled at the dwarf. He had enough of the insubordination amongst the company lately. He already knew one of them was hiding the Arkenstone from him and so only a show of force can keep them in line. “Do it!” 

Once he was in his chambers, he cast off the armor and the heavy cloak. He washed his face in the basin near his bed as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. The crown on his head seemed to droop a little. Some hairs were sticking out oddly. 

Look at you…. playing dress-up again,aren’t we? he heard the voice again. Poor, pathetic little dwarfling… it does not matter what you wear on your head or what you call yourself… you will never be king… you will never be anything but a little boy playing games… don’t you see? Couldn’t you hear them laughing at you? What king? What right do you have to call yourself king? What power do you REALLY have?

You’re wrong… I AM the king…. This is MY kingdom, my Mountain! I-!”

Your kingdom? Ahahaha…. poor poor foolish dwarf runt… you can NEVER be King! The voice echoed and roared in his ears.  What did you do to reclaim this Mountain? You did nothing! Did you yourself loose the black arrow that smote the Dragon? Did you find your father? Did you truly kill the Pale Orc? Did you protect your beloved brother as you promised? You are nothing but a failure. Behind all your pomposity and pretense, you are nothing but a frightened little child waiting for someone else to do the dirty work as you claim the credit. They know that. They ALL know that. And that is why they laugh at you, mock you. You are weak and will always be a weakling. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Enough!” He smashed the mirror with his knuckles. He breathed heavily as tried to block out the sounds of laughter. “Shut up! SHUT UP!”