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RWBY/Mario Kart! And here comes Yang Xiao Long!

New chapter for Bus /3DS AU by booksandweapons

That has been drag by me :3

The bus is still there!They’re riding it!

Thanks again stream friends for accompanying me for my longest stream yet. I love you all!! >w<


Nichijou x RWBY

This took less than I expected :D

Made from it from episode 15 of Nichijou where Nano discover her other secret.

Edited : Finally found the video on YT, X

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A new AU by celestialmeadows and me!But mostly her :3

This is the Adoption AU. I can’t remember who it was, but someone in kino’s stream suggested an Adoption AU for RWBY. I want this to be a normal life, meaning no Grimm and no Faunus. The closest to enemies would be gangs or “populars.” What it is, is that the RWBY gang meets in an orphanage and become very good friends as kids. By the time the older girls turn ten years old, they are adopted and separated. Five years later, they would meet again in High School. - Amy-sensei

This is a comic before the main story starts,

Weiss (7) and Ruby (5) are playing tea party and Ruby is having problem pronouncing Weiss’s name.