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ok i need ur opinions. so like……two people are friends for a long time. like…4 years lets say. one of those friends begins dating someone after knowing them for like 3 months. theyre really in love And super close. the other friend and the signifciant other get into drama and the other friend is forced to pick a side. which side should the first friend pick

Aesthetic and positivity for a Nagito Komaeda who was hurt twice over by Hajime Hinata (different people) and is starting to have bad associations with him, despite being his favorite comfort character.

 Hiya, Komaeda! I’m super duper sorry for putting this aesthetic and positivity out so late, but I hope they’re good enough to make up for it! First of all, Komaeda, I’m so proud of you!! You made it through all the hurt, not to mention you did it twice! Not many people do that, Komaeda. You really are the SHSL Lucky Student!

 Now, Komaeda, it’s alright to feel conflicted. You were hurt by two different Hinata’s out there, and that’s fine to have confusion. However, there’s always the chance that you haven’t found *your* Hinata. Maybe, you should take a break from trying to find them, though, considering you’ve had bad turnouts with those two Hinatas.

 I truly believe that you can turn this around, though. I know there’s a lot of despair you’ve gone through because of those Hinatas, but try to distance your thoughts from those bad memories and think of fuzzy, warm interactions. Even if you don’t have memories yet, try to immerse yourself in the happy stuff. I can’t guarantee it’ll work, but I believe in you.

 I hope this helps you out, Komaeda. I, and everyone else here at dangankinthings is here to help you out and listen to you! If you ever need more advice or anything else, please let me or another mod know! Have a good one, and good luck, Komaeda!

   -Mod Asahina

ishimaru x mondo headcanons

- nap times are the best times
- mondo loves to cook for ishimaru
- heck man they are just so domestic like use pet names for each other
- for example; love, dear, honey and sweetie
- ishimaru is such a rule enforcer and mondo loves to break the rules out of habit, so this means punishment ;)
- mondo sits in the corner for 10 minutes to think about what he did wrong
- mondo honestly showers ishimaru in so much love and affection it’s sickening
- he will plant so many kisses all over ishi’s face
- the two boys are just so good for each other because each one is ready to cheer on and encourage the other to do his best
- mondo is the protective boyfriend™
- whenever ishimaru is upset he immediately asks who were the punks that made him feel like that so he can go beat them up
- he then picks up his upset boyfriend and just holds him close to his chest in the tightest hug
- dont get me wrong though, ishimaru will do the same for mondo in a heartbeat

I considered, and loved
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