Pink Ranger
Illustrator and Triangulator
17 in. x 11 in.

My first attempt at low-poly art! Although when I went around asking random people if they knew who or what is was, I only got “Pink Ranger” once… So of course this is something I want to improve on, but I’m pretty giddy with how it turned out. :3 

Pink Ranger will always be my favorite ranger. ^___^


My cousin is leaving for four months, and he’s surprising  his girlfriend with one of those giant Costco bears. The bear is suppose to be him. So when she misses him and wants to hug him, she has the bear. Based off that, my concept for the card was to have a girl on one end, and a bear on the other end. To open the card, it had to be pulled open. So when the card is being pulled open, the girl slides across the front and goes to the bear –a girl hugging the bear–. :D
(Taken with GifBoom)

Flash Professional CC

Today I found out that my school library has more than Photoshop on the computers…I know where I’ll be spending my time now.. hehe :D

I experimented with Flash Professional CC today, making this my first smooth motion animation. I use to make animations through a stop motion/frame-by-frame edit style…which got tedious. x___x But thanks to motion tweeeeeen, I was able to create this derpy little guy! :3

I know he was poorly drawn, but I’m happy that I got him to move LOL. Download Creative Cloud from Adobe if you want to #makethis as well! Happy spoopy season everyone~