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Ryan Ross: I never gave a damn about the weather

The Weather:


something about that glory,
just always seemed to bore me,
‘cause only those I really love
will ever really know me.

—lukas graham, 7 years

Are you ever just living your life when suddenly at 3 AM you’re impaled in the sternum by Jack Zimmermann feelings? And then you start thinking about everything he’s been through and about how our resident, pie-baking, actual-sunshine-incarnate Eric Richard “Bitty” Bittle is canonically the “best thing that’s ever happened to him”? Yeah, me too.

fic:  18

author: aclosetlarryshipper

rating: n/a

word count: 15k

summary: Harry hates Golden Boy Louis and he’s pretty sure the feeling’s mutual. It’s too bad they’re forced into parenthood together during home ec baby project.

Featuring accidental fathers, an improv performance gone wrong, and an altruistic game of spin the bottle.

collage x