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I love how dumb CH & Kim posing in that pic where J Lo looks like she would rather be anywhere but with them has meant that J Lo had to get her rep to go to People and make sure everyone knows she's not taking sides in the Kimye/Taylor nonsense - she was certainly afraid to look like she was siding with Kimye I guess! Nobody with sense & who's not a petty vindictive child wants to be on that losing team!


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Yes! He seems straight out of Jane Austen novel. I'm charmed by him just watching his interviews and movies. I can only imagine how charming and captivating he must be in person. And even more so, it seems like he adores her. Taylor deserves that. As a fan, it makes my heart swell with happiness. And he's also still here after the Kimye drama, which says a lot. Knowing Taylor, she probably gave him an out...

I’ve thought about this a lot and it pains me. I just want the best for her. I’m so happy he’s happy and that he’s such a gentleman and affectionate. 

Famous has dropped 13 places in the charts since Kimye pulled their shit. I’m not saying God is sending them a big Taylor Swift-ess “Fuck You”. But let’s be real. It’s a big “Fuck You” from God,

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I don't really care what some swifites have to say about Calvin anymore because no matter what he does they will have something negative to say. I just really wanted Calvin to distance himself from this Kimye thing and being in the picture with her may just of been coincidence but it still doesn't look good. He got a lot of negative comments under the E photo. saying he was bitter and treating Taylor just like Rita. He used Taylor etc. I want him to distance himself from anything Taylor.

Agree. As much as I think he doesn’t owe anything to Taylor anymore because of how she treated him after the breakup, I think it would be good judgement for him not to fall into the trap of being a clickbait for these trashy tabloids. although he did not post the photo himself and i’m sure the birthday photo of JLO seemed very innocent, I wouldn’t put it past Kim to have orchestrated the whole thing so she would get more stories out if it. And Calvin is the unwitting bait of this publicity pawn.

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I don't like the mob "get her" mentality because I believe it makes us no better than the people attacking Taylor but it is a bit of a relief to start seeing Karma in action. I do think Demi has a screw loose but she is particularly nasty and needed to be brought to heel. I just can't wait to see more Karma come after Kimye, Calvin, Zendaya, etc.

Yeah I don’t want anyone to attack Demi. The best thing is to ignore her. Yes I am waiting for queen karma to start bitch slapping some folks.

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I felt like that too, I thought they ended with love & respect but after all his tweets & likes idk maybe smth happened. I know she moved on fast but he's using her insecurities to hurt her, to get back at her. I wanna know what really happened

i knowwww and i’m gonna have to figure all that out to come up with a version of what happened in order to write the next few chapters!! right when i was starting writing this one was the Nils Sjoberg thing came out (and obviously kimye) i hope there are no more surprises about to attack us LOL. but anyways yeah i think his perspective and feelings definitely changed once he found out about tom, which is understandable, cause we were all surprised about that!

Don’t get it twisted. Taylor Swift keeps the people she surrounds herself with young and in their teens and early 20′s to confuse y’all but Taylor Swift is closer to 30 than 20. She’s the same age as Adele (1989), Hayden Panettiere (1989), Dakota Johnson (1989) and just one year older than Emma Watson (1990) and that’s hella weird because she doesn’t have their maturity level. You guys are seeing her with Lorde (1996), Serayah (1995), Selena Gomez (1992), Karlie Kloss (1992) etc. She’s grown who acts and wants to be treated like she’s a teenager. And the worst part is, I don’t see her changing. She’s going to 40 acting the same way.

What Selena said was so messy

I’ve literally stanned since I was 7 but man that was shit. She should’ve just stayed mute on this. It’s not like Taylor ever comes to her defence. 

And Kim acted like a fucking child. But what else can you expect from a grown, yet childish, woman who made her career based completely off posing/being nude and using social media. There’s literally a video of her mom telling her to just call Taylor and hash this out but she blatantly says NO. Like you had a way to effectively solve his like a mature adult, but what is your life without unnecessary drama? 

Khloe is the worst of them all because at least you can say that Selena was defending Taylor and Kim was defending her husband. Khloe attacked a 19 yr old girl (Chloe) that was just stating a fact: we have more global and pressing issues to worry about. Plus Khloe posted a very rude and invasive picture of her. She’s a 32 year old woman doing this shit to a teenager. She should be ashamed of her damn self. Bullying a teenager using social media. That’s why she’ll remain forever single with her men always cheating on her. 

Zendaya acted like such fake trash. I loved her because she was so classy and such good role model for black girls everywhere. But girl take a seat and stop acting like Demi Lovato- always inserting herself when you have nothing useful to add just to get attention. 

The worst part is that this entire issue was completely based off of miscommunication between TAYLOR and KANYE. In my opinion I think Taylor gave Kanye the ‘green light’ because she thought he was going to put something in his song about how they’re friends now and all is good. And Kayne did. But in his own way, not the way taylor expected or anticipated. Because the way they both write and communicate messages in their song lyrics is evidently VERY DIFFERENT.

NOTE - I like Taylor (mainly because i stan Selena and she’s her best friend so by default…) and I fucking DESPISE Kanye so me trying to reason this out without bashing him is VERY hard for me. 

Anyways Kanye is still misogynic trash who insults women and talks about cheating on his wife in his songs. And Kim is a disgusting worthless doll that does whatever Kanye wants her to do and obviously has no respect for herself or her daughter. The fact that she released a statement saying that “she doesn’t know why Taylor is so mad about Kanye calling her a bitch. He calls her (Kim his wife) one all the time”. 


And she has young fans and a fucking daughter.