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What’s your name?


How old are you? 


Current Job/Dream Job

-Work at my University’s dinning hall/ An editor somewhere abroad.

What are you talented at?

-I can sing moderately well indoors. only. lol

What is a big goal you are working on? 

-Try to get more involved this year, research internships 

What is your aesthetic? 

-I suppose it’s Romance, my heart is easily melted lol

Do you collect anything? 

-The Wizard of Oz merchandise, things given to me by friends, movie ticket stubs, books (i just can’t throw anything away)

What is a topic you are always up to talk about? 

-movies, anime, books, aliens, romance, and everything love lol

Recommend 3 songs

“Don’t wanna be your girl” by Wet

“Call it Karma” by Silverstein 

“Tire Swing” by Kimya Dawson

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Listening to kimya Dawson to avoid relapse

Pray crying it out works.
I wish being in an abusive relationship didn’t mess me up this much. I like this guy, I wanna be with him. But the thought of a relationship makes it hard to breathe I’m so scared. I hate this life.

absoluteleech  asked:

23, 26!

23: A song you think everybody should listen to

Kimya Dawson- The Beer

26: A song that makes you want to fall in love

A very very close tie between Love/Paranoia and New Person, Same Old Mistakes both by Tame Impala

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🎁☕️🎵💎 😊🎀 <3333333

🎁 what never fails to make you happy?


the beatles, honey vanilla chamomile tea, bubble baths, ice cream, lighting my pumpkin buttercream (!!!) candle, kimya dawson’s music, playing super smash bros melee, laying in bed after a hot shower, petting my cat, talking to my lovely tumblr friends… reading fluffy mileven fics (✿◕‿◕) 

☕️ talk about your ideal day

ooo okay, so i would wake up and go make myself coffee, preferably in time to go watch the sunrise cause i’m an aesthetic hoe. then i would take a shower and sing loud and proud (as i always do) and then i would go and work on a game i’m developing with a team of people friends that i adore! and then once the work day is over i would come home and cook something for me and my imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend (maybe they’d help me or just watch and be their cute lil self) and then we’d eat and talk about our days and laugh together. then we’d curl up on the couch with our pets and watch something together. i’d talk his/her ear off about stranger things and then we’d go to sleep ( ✿ ◡ ‿ ◡)

(just one example sorry i rambled!!)

🎵 name 5 songs you love at the moment

OOOH THIS IS DIFFICULT, in no particular order:

- touch the sky // kanye west (i love late registration ok)

- to the stars // braken 

- bored to death // blink-182 

- it’s complicated // a day to remember (MY FAVE BAND EVER)

- a lovely mess // front porch step

(honorable mention is i miss you by blink-182 liSTEN TO IT IT FITS MILEVEN SO WELL I CRI) also sry i’m pop punk trash

💎 which one would you rather have more of: intelligence, beauty, kindness, wealth or bravery? why?

i would definitely rather have the most kindness. i prioritize happiness for myself and everyone around me, and i think spreading kindness is the best way to make the world a happier place :)

😊 what do you like to do as hobbies?

i love sketching and painting, writing cute lil oneshots, i make bracelets. i love playing video games (like melee and pokemon) and i like online games too like overwatch and tf2. i love music, i play 5 instruments so i enjoy playing those when i’m in the mood :) and spending all of my time on tumblr is a hobby obvi

🎀 what’s your fashion sense like?

oh boy, it’s honestly all over the place lmao. i only own like skinny jeans and leggings, other than that it’s a bunch of t shirts, flannels, sweaters and the occasional dress. i wear usually either my combat boots or converse every day. i tend to shop in the men’s section a lot. i wouldn’t say i’m not fashionable but it’s not overly fancy either!!

“I got good at feeling bad and that’s why I’m still here” from Competition- Kimya Dawson

This line rings so clear to me. Every. Fucking. Day.

When I go for a drive I like to pull off to the side
Of the road, turn out the lights, get out, and look up at the sky
And I do this to remind me that I’m really really tiny
In the grand scheme of things and sometimes this terrifies me
But it’s only really scary ‘cause it makes me feel serene
In a way I never thought I’d be because I’ve never been
So grounded and so humbled and so one with everything
I am grounded, I am humbled, I am one with everything

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for the crayola ask thing - dandelion, electric lime, and kitten grey

dandelion: what’s a pet peeve of yours?

I hatE it when people leave water running for no reason. In California I was raised knowing that we always had to conserve water, so i see it as a huge waste.

electric lime: what genre of music do you listen to?

indie rock, trip-hop, folk, and anti-folk. stuff like beach house, mitski, joni mitchell, kimya dawson, adult mom, nujabes.

kitten gray: do you have any pets? if so, describe them.

i don’t have any pets unfortunately :(

Rock and roll is fun but if you ever hear someone
Say you are huge look at the moon, look at the stars, look at the sun
Look at the ocean and the desert and the mountains and the sky
Say I am just a speck of dust inside a giant’s eye
I am just a speck of dust inside a giant’s eye

i love kimya dawson’s music not the “music saved my life” kind of person but everything she sings just speaks to me and makes me feel so much better, i relate to it. i can feel something even when i am scared and alone.

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the 10 song tag

Hit shuffle on your iPOD, MP3 player, iTunes, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!

1. Johanna from the Sweeney Todd movie soundtrack, sung by Jamie Campbell Bower and Johnny Depp

2. Novocaine by Fall Out Boy

3. Whiteout from the Frozen soundtrack by Christopher Beck

4. Tango: Maureen from the Rent movie soundtrack

5. Tompkins Square Park by Mumford and Sons

6. Blue Like Nevermind by Kimya Dawson

7. I’ll Cover You (Reprise) from the Rent soundtrack

8. Rent from the Rent movie soundtrack

9. Radio-Friendly Pop Song by Matt Fishel

10. Moving On by Kimya Dawson

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