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I’m on my phone rn so I screenshotted a random 10 song shuffle list lol
I’ll write it out though

1. Love Athena - The Olivia Tremor Control
2. It’s No Secret - Kylie Minogue
3. Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves - FFX-2
4. No digas nada - Jeanette
5. The Mare and the Bear - Kimya Dawson
6. What Pet Should I Get? - Clarissa Explains It All
7. Hum Along And Dance (Gotta Get Down) - Janelle Monae
8. As We Disgust - The Korean Red
9. Storm Premonition - Hamada Juri
10. All About You - McFly

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nicknames: alpha, sam

star sign: aries

height: idk

Time: 4:11

Birthday: March 22

Favorite Bands: the beatles, the rolling stones, blondie, patd, umm, queen, gorillaz, NIRVANA OFC.
Favorite Solo Artist: Kimya Dawson
Song Stuck in My Head: dead girl walking reprise
Last Movie Watched: Boss baby
Last Show Watched: teen mom 2
Blog Created: January
What I Do: sell drugs and get bitches, naw man jk i make memes 
Last Thing I Googled: virgil anxiety 
Other Blogs: @dankteenspostdankmemes
Why Did You Choose Your URL: i like red velvet poptarts, so fucking good my dude
Following: ohhh boy 2,115
Followers: 270 losers
Favorite Colors: i like red
Average Hours of Sleep: 10
Lucky Number: 7
Instruments: nah 
What I’m Wearing: underwear and a marathon shirt
How Many Blankets: 2, emoji one and a puppo one
Dream Job: artist my dude or writer
Dream Trip: Greece
Favorite Food: pizza
Nationality: american 
Favorite Song: dumb - nirvana

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1 and 30

1. remember that I love you by kimya dawson, boogie by frankie cosmos, nintendo 64 by alex g, ohio snow falls by told slant, the only thing by sufjan stevens, psychotic feeling by of montreal, and lucky girl by the gerbils. castaway on the moon is my absolute favorite movie. girl with curious hair by david foster wallace and norwegian wood by murakami

30. “the girl was rotten inside. peel off a layer of that beautiful skin, and you’d find nothing but rotten flesh"

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1 and 2

1. read lucky by alice sebold, watch whip it, listen to kimya dawson

2. i dont think ive ever felt like a novelist’s thoughts resonated with me in that way but rhiannon mcgavin’s poetry is a definite Mood (my fav poem of hers is “things that can happen to a girl wearing jeans”)

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Identity asks! 1, 3, 13, 29

1….this is a hard one. if someone wanted to understand me I feel like they would have to read Audre Lorde (her pose more so than her theory but that too), Fanon’s Wretch of the Earth, James Baldwin, and Ijeoma Umebinyuo. they would have to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena, Red Garden, Moonlight, Royston Tan’s 15. they would have to listen to Kimya Dawson, Mumford & Sons (the Johannesburg - EP mostly), Tracy Chapman, and lately Salt Cathdrels but time will tell.

3….Star Trek: the Orignal Series - I relate to James and Bones the most and tbh I probably lean more toward James, Evangelion - is a hard one because I relate the most to is Toji which is kinda pointless because he means more to the narrative dead than alive,  *verwatch - I hate that fact that I’m as into it as I am mostly because of the kind of lackadaisical way they’ve approached the storyline and also because the fandom is gross but I love Lucio,  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Julian Bashir. 

13…. I love being outside and I love nature but in all honesty, I need my creature comforts and staying indoors is great.

29…. Die Alone by Hyukoh, Demolition Lovers by My Chemical Romance, Sea like a child (underwater) by AR Kane, Si Tu Veux feat. Baaba Maal & The Very Best by the aforementioned Son’s of Mumford, 

You - ‘’Why’d you have to have such a damn good taste in music’’ 

The distance between me and you is longer than the title of this song Canadian Softball // Dakota Tiny Moving Parts // Long Way Home 5 Seconds Of Summer // Friendville Sunrise Skater Kids // Stupid For You Waterparks // If  I’m Lucky State Champs // If These Sheets Were States All Time Low // Coffee Talk Broadside // Loose Lips Kimye Dawson // Evening Coffee Moose Blood // She’s So Lovely Scouting For Girls // D’You Have A Car SWMRS // Kali ma Neck Deep // Carbis Bay Moose Blood // Lose It SWMRS

I got tagged by @take-me-to-your-lieder to list 10 songs that have been my recent songs so here we go:

  1. The Humbling River - Pucifer 
  2. Sandy Fishnets - Evelyn Evelyn
  3. I’m Gonna Win - Rob Cantor
  4. Pretty Down to Your Bones - the Hush Sound
  5. Turn the Lights Off - Tally Hall
  6. Hymn for a Scarecrow - Tally Hall
  7. That’s Okay - the Hush Sound
  8. Open Your Eyes - School of Seven Bells
  9. Wandering Daughter - Kimya Dawson
  10. Vox Populi - 30 Seconds to Mars

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1. Drink: ice tea

2. Phone call: my friendo,we were talkking about summer

3. Text message: no one

4. Song you listened to: loose lips -Kimya Dawson

5. Time you cried: yesterday over a musical


6. Dated someone twice: nope

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: nope

8. Been cheated on: nope, i hope not.

9. Lost someone special: my grandma :(

10. Been depressed: yeah

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope


12. green

13. red

14. blue


15. Made new friends: yes

16. Fallen out of love: nope

17. Laughed until you cried: so much times…

18. Found out someone was talking about you: yeah

19. Met someone who changed you: yep

20. Found out who your friends are: yeah

21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no i don’t have facebook


22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: no facebook.

23. Do you have any pets: yeah, one puppo.

24. Do you want to change your name: nah

25. What did you do for your last Birthday: went to a steak house with my friend

26. What time did you wake up: 9:58 am 

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping

28. Name something you can’t wait for: school, its so boring without it

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: yesterday

30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: that i lived right next to a coldstone

31. What are you listening right now: nirvana

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yea, my moms bf

33. Something that is getting on your nerves: that i am getting hunt down by a hit man

34. Most visited Website: tumblr, pornhub, discord, youtube


35. Mole/s: nah.

36. Mark/s: yeah, i have a bunch

37. Childhood dream: artist

38. Haircolour: green

39. Long or short hair: shoulder length

40. Do you have a crush on someone: yeah ;)

41. What do you like about yourself: my nose!

42. Piercings: in my ears

43. Bloodtype: AB-

44. Nickname: babe

45. Relationship status: taken (i guess)

46. Zodiac: Sagittarius

47. Pronouns: she/her

48. Favourite TV Show: the beatles cartoon

49. Tattoos: nope

50. Right or left hand: right

51. Surgery: nope, not yet

52. Hair dyed in different color: greennn

53. Sport: swimming

55. Vacation: wild wood

56. Pair of trainers; ???


57. Eating: nothing

58. Drinking: nothing

59. I’m about to: make food

61. Waiting for: nothing

62. want most in life: idk

63. Get married: yeet

64. Career: artist


65. Hugs or kisses: hugs

66. Lips or eyes: lips

67. Shorter or taller: short :,<

68. Older or younger: depends

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: stomach ;)

71. Sensitive or loud: both

72. Hook up or relationship: relationship!!!

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker


74. Kissed a stranger: nope

75. Drank hard liquor: yeah, when i was little my grandma put whisky on my teeth as a baby

76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: no

77. Turned someone down: mmhmm

78. Sex in the first date: nope

79. Broken someone’s heart: yeah

80. Had your heart broken: no

81. Been arrested: no

82. Cried when someone died: no

83. Fallen for a friend: yeet


84. Yourself: sometimes

85. Miracle: ???

86. Love at first sight: mayb

87. Santa Claus: no

88. Kiss on the first date: yes

89. Angels: no


90. Current best friends name: hngg, her name Alissa. (i have more internet friends than real :((

91. Eyecolour: blue

92. Favourite movie: emoji movie

(i dont have twenty people sorry)

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