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Text on the TG:re stickers

The stickers have some form of text on them, so I’ve translated most of them save for a couple that I couldn’t get. Please let me know if you find any mistakes!

  1. Kuroneki: Welcome!
  2. Touka: Hah?
  3. Hide: Ossu! (Yo!)
  4. Rize: Ufu (laugh)
  5. Yoshimura: Just one cup.
  6. Yomo: …
  7. Koma: This is what cleaning is.
  8. Irimi: Ara? (Oh?)
  9. Uta: Do you have it?
  10. Itori: Drink up, what’s your name?
  11. Yoriko: Eat ♫
  12. Hinami: Yeah!
  13. Ryouko: Oh dear
  14. Nishiki: That piece of shit!!
  15. Kimi: A date?
  16. Amon: It’s a ghoul!!
  17. Mado: Kukuku…
  18. Tsukiyama: Hmmph…
  19. Souta: Hai hai (Of course, of course)
  20. Madam A: Ohoho
  21. Taro cradling Kaneki in his arms: Yoshi yoshi (Yup yup)
  22. Banjou: Let’s go!
  23. Ichimi, Jiro and Sante: What do we do?
  24. Shinohara: Yeah, yeah.
  25. Houji: *chuckle*
  26. Seidou: *whoosh*
  27. White-haired Juuzou: Desu?
  28. Yamori: I’ll take everything from you.
  29. Nico: Love (on the heart)
  30. Ayato: There’s nowhere for you to go…
  31. Tatara: Good! (好!)
  32. Eto: Hmm
  33. Noro: ?
  34. Bin Brothers: Older brother/younger brother
  35. Marude: Charge!!
  36. Mabuchi: The feeling of being alive…!
  37. Kuroiwa: Mm.
  38. Gori: Hmph.
  39. Arima: Stand by.
  40. Hirako: Understood.
  41. Shironeki: What’s 1000-7?
  42. Arata: *lights up*
  43. Ayato and Kaneki: I’ll half kill you.
  44. Yoshitoki: I’m nominating you!
  45. Tsuneyoshi: I command you!
  46. Donato: I see.
  47. Akira: I decline.
  48. Kanou: Here’s your medicine.
  49. Kurona and Nashiro: Older sister/younger sister
  50. Shachi: *menacing* (ゴゴゴ)
  51. Naki: *crying*
  52. Maris Stella: Nyan.
  53. Amon doing push-ups: I’m the one who’s inexperienced!!
  54. Takatsuki Sen: The manuscript? It’s not done yet.
  55. Shiono: How are things progressing…
  56. Ui: Jeez…
  57. Mougan: Mmm boy.
  58. Haisaki: Such a busy position…
  59. Kiyoko: Still absent?
  60. Roma: Aha
  61. Hachikawa: Ahh?
  62. Ayumu: Huh?
  63. Kuramoto: So cool!!
  64. Haise: These are your superior’s orders.
  65. Urie: Promotion, promotion.
  66. Shirazu: Ugh ugh!
  67. Mutsuki: Um…
  68. Saiko: Night!
  69. :re Touka: Welcome back.
  70. :re Ayato: There’s no point?
  71. Hinami: *worried*
  72. Torso: My lover…
  73. Nutcracker: Am I beautiful?
  74. Shimoguchi: Hah~
  75. Bujin: Ah
  76. Kanae: My pride…!
  77. Chie: Oh, really?
  78. :re Naki: First one to burst into laughter.
  79. Miza: Don’t call me an old lady
  80. Seidou (Owl): Freshly picked!!
  81. Matsuri: Sukori… (I’m not sure about this, I apologize)
  82. Black-haired Juuzou: Desu!
  83. Hanbee and Nakarai: Snack time…!!
  84. Tamaki and Mikage: Time to go home…!!
  85. Big Madam: Guhohoho!
  86. Fura: No smoking
  87. Hairu: Shoya! (Right? in Hokkaido dialect)
  88. Okahira: This Okahira will win…!
  89. Kijima: Oya?
  90. Furuta: Whatever are you up to?
  91. Mirumo and Matsumae: Shuu-kun…
  92. Shousei and Hooguro: Aniki!
  93. Shikorae: Whatcha doin’
  94. Hakatori: Stop it.
  95. Black Reaper Kaneki: *crash*
  96. Higemaru: Just like I expected!!
  97. Aura: I’m fine with either.
  98. Shao: I’ll kill you.
  99. :re Tsukiyama: Très bien!!
  100. OEK Kaneki: I’m home.
Kousei’s Response to Kaori’s Letter

As the snow starts to melt away, and petals start to blow in the air, the birds come back to play, and have children in their care. A breeze blows past the trees and they seem to say indeed: Spring is coming.

Animals awaken from their slumber under the full-bloomed cherry blossoms of the trees and the world starts to turn again. What winter had painted a dry, monochrome tone is now transitioning to a vivid world of color once again. The birds start to sing, and what joy it brings— Spring is coming.

But as life blooms all around, who will remember those that have long since been buried into the ground? In all its beauty, spring emphasizes the value of what we have gotten, but also hides the pain of what was forgotten. Isn’t it evident? Spring is coming.

Amidst the beauty of nature and life, something important is missing. Time goes by no matter how hard you try, and the sky may be clear and blue, but something very important indeed is missing too. The birds may sing and the children may play, but come what may, they don’t know the truth.

Yes, spring is coming.

A spring without you, is coming.

I was really inspired to write this because I decided to rewatch Your Lie in April. Why would I do this to myself? Well, I figured it’s been two years and I still can’t forget about it so I thought—why not? March 19th officially marks the two year anniversary so I got through the first half in like a day. I already teared up at the 2nd episode during Kaori’s debut and again during the firefly scene and now I’m patiently waiting for the 19th to finish rewatching the rest. I can never forget Kaori’s heartfelt parting letter, and I’m sure Kousei couldn’t either. That’s why I wrote this poem—to illustrate what Kousei might have been thinking in response to her letter, besides what we know already. So yeah, I may have teared up while writing this but it was worth it. IT WAS WORTH IT.

No, AP Lit was not what prompted me to do this in the first place; who do you take me for?