I wanted to ask, ‘why now?’ I was doing fine until now. I ate well. I slept well. I even beat my record of climbing Mt. Cheonggye by three minutes. No Eul is supposed to come today. I looked forward to this day for so long. So why now? 

But suddenly I remembered the promise I made long ago.

“Please let Eul live…”

“..If you let Eul live, I will give up all of my happiness.”

 “I will give up all of my happiness.”

Hello my lovelies! I currently hit 500 followers and I’m so shook. I never thought that I would even reach such a large number. I figured since I hit 500 followers, I should do my first official Follow Forever!(♥→o←♥)

I can’t believe i even hit such a large number. I remember getting 20 followers and cried because that was so much for me?? And now with 500 of you lovelies, I’m just so happy. I made this blog back on the 15th of March, 2015 with my shit posts and gifs. My first ever reblog was a VIXX meme (I’m saying this bc I’m literally staring at my archives). Words can’t explain how happy I am to hit 500+ followers! ʕ*ノᴥノʔ

I’m just going to be tagging the blogs I follow, my mutuals, and my fav blogs overall in this post (in alphabetical order of course~) under the “keep reading” because I don’t want to make this post as long as it is already, but like I said, I’m thankful for all of my followers, and it makes me so happy knowing I have your support! I’m sorry for those of you who I don’t follow back, but I still see you in my notifications and you guys make my heart so happy!

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Welcome to our new members!

We started messaging our new members individually but then found out it would be much easier to make a post and tag everyone since we got a lot of applications! We already have announced to some of you that you were accepted as a member, so we’re sorry if we already sent you that announcement

New members and message for them under the cut

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Hello! It’s your not so local yoonmin stan sugainmycoffee sugainmystocking. I recently it’s been weeks reached 5k almost onto 6k welp followers and my god that such an unbelievable and amazing feat for a blogger who doesn’t write or draw or contribute much to the fandom aside from shit posting o_o. I wish I could thank each and everyone of you personally but that would take forever so as a way to show my gratitude I’m finally doing a follow forever! should have done this 2k ago but yeah :’) 

Since this is a sideblog it would be hard to track mutuals and tbh I dont wanna pick out favourites bc you all run great blogs and make my dash a happier place THUS none of that highlight/underline stuff. Everyone is equally loved in this list <3

I’m gonna limit this to my bangtan/kpop related follows bc that’s all this sideblog pertains to. 

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Hello Mudda people :D Happy end of 2015!!! It has officially been two years with this blog, woah. I rejected my other blogs that I’ve had longer for this one…. But anyway since I’ve reached my goal and its the end of the year its time for another Follow Mudda Pho-Eva! 

First a quick shoutout to the networks/group chats I’m in: @ifntnet // @inspiritsnet // @vixx-net // @fxnetwork // @monstaxnetwork // @sulliprotectionsquad // @boygroupnet // @crown-net // @jjccnetwork // @day6-network  //Sprouts Squad // Muslim kpop fans ( I’m in some of this networks through other blogs like @chincha-infinite or @d-a-y-6 )

Bold = Mutuals (which i have a ton of)


@-exo-k // @17dad // @17mingvu //  @1993taemin // @26byg // @2bangyongguk // @2ne1ish // @4ddddani // @4smols // @5hawol // @94namtae // @a-k-mu // @a6 // @affxtionism // @ahndanial // @ahnsdaniel // @aigoo-fx5 // @ailee-is-queen // @alinagoesmoo // @amberkrisber // @amberlius //@ambersliu// @babydollmato // @bae1a4-are-delicious // @baekat350 // @baekhistory // @banatree // @banghae // @bbangception // @bbangstergran // @big-byung // @bigstars // @bobhwa // @bxngster // @byeulbitch // @byunghunny // @byxnggk // @can-i-baro-your-sandeuls // @candidbigbang // @catherine-got-no-jams // @celestially-blue// @chaandeul // @changkyon // @chaootic // @charismho // @chasunwoome // @chiqkihyun // @chubbli // @crownthec-clown // @daematos // @daesbulge // @dangerousfx // @defchoi // @defsouljb // @deja-roo // @dibidibidisrespectful // @digithoe // @dimsumark // @dino-yeol // @dok2gonzo // @dont-xium-in-on-me // @dragon-jiyong // @dreaming-the-reality // @eggnogguk // @elipuntchannie // @escapeseoul // @flowerchildwonwoo // @flowerjr // @fluffyber // @foreverseoulbiased // @functiongirls- // @fxyun // @g7marktuan // @gangnamclique // @gaogyu // @gdaehyun // @gdragons-seoul // @giriboyx // @giribyo // @gongju-jaejoong // @goonbae // @got7europe//  @got7ish // @gwiyomixiumin // @gyujin 


@haesub // @halalsquad // @happyshawol // @herewegobebe //@hoe-one // @holyfuckmark // @hongabingabong // @hongjisoo // @hongqueen // @how-to-bangtan // @hyundaei // @ifnthowon // @igot7angels // @imyoong //  @inkedwonshik // @infinitblaq // @iudork // @j-my-hope // @jarek-keovilay // @jeonjungniko // @jeppbangme // @jimins-arms // @jinki-bunny // @jinki-yah // @jinkiminkiki // @jinyeowoo // @jinyoung-you-little-shit // @jiyongs-g-thong // @jjongrose // @joeun-nal // @jonghyunar // @jongnstagram // @jongtaes /@jungcrooked // @junghalbabe // @kenihavehongbin // @keoimnida // @keys-kibum // @keys-yeobo // @kibvms // @kihyonie // @kiihong // @kimwhorejoong // @kimwoobinseyebrows // @kong-tv // @koreeah // @kpop-funny-glory // @kpop-tarts // @kwangkjang // @l-u-c-i-f-er // @lattefairy // @leader-jb // @leejinky // @leetaenim // @leetaes // @lhoe // @likey-likey-channie // @lil-kcommander // @lu-jiin // @luderella // @lue-han // @lukaio // @luvluvluv212  // @madtwn // @markjestic // @markjin // @markmehorny // @marktuanster // @mbl-ixx //  @melobebe // @mifasolar // @mindofseoul // @minghaobells // @minholicc // @mintokkies //  @misconceptionsofher // @mistletoemark​ // @mmajalove // @momolove // @multifandom-kpop-me // @mumoos // @mychemicalvixxen // @myjaebutt // @myungsues-u // @myungsussi //


  @n-nyeong // @naegajo // @namu-yeppeo // @narinyeol // @nas-tae // @nayeon-s // @noxarcanax // @officialsunggyu // @oh-sicas // @ohbyungjoy // @on-ho // @onyooricky // @orange-sandeul // @ottokaji-vixx // @pabodae // @pepi-junior // @peppermyient // @phanifiedthoughts // @pitapateu // @pixeius // @pocketjimin // @posprout // @prince-myung // @proudelfbana // @queenqian // @queensunyoung // @quietlim // @raubbenhood​ // @ravbooty // @reaper-royalty // @rnyungsooo // @roisgf // @runchrandarm​ // @sandeul-ssi // @sandeul-thirst // @sanghyuc // @santodeul // @sassyamberliu // @scenced // @seattle2seoul // @sehn-pai // @seouldreams // @seoulisadream // @seulgin // @seung-whores // @seunqyoun // @shawollet // @shinee-vanasha // @shineesque // @shineetho // @shinusual // @shinwoo // @sicaholic // @skippasaurus // @sm-trash // @sndeuls // @sneezes // @sngqyu // @soojoo // @sora-dorable // @sowonis //  @soxford-comma // @speedy-secret // @starlightaubrey // @sugavixx // @sulekhachan // @sungjaeandnanashusband​ // @sungmints // @sunjis // @sunsggyu // @swoonfinite // @sy2b //


@t-aesthetic // @tabi-dreamer // @taehyukoh​ // @taelighted // @taemeow // @taemincult // @taestiny // @taetaetastic // @teentoping // @teenxxtop // @tejinzs // @thatkpopfan // @the-markson-show // @the6002 // @theasiand // @thekpopfix // @thevinylhouse // @ughjacksonwang // @up10tion //  @verbaljints // @vixxmainbitch // @wangdongs // @wangjckson // @wangyourass // @waytoseoul // @wheeimple // @wonhosoks// @wonkyuns // @wonxho​ // @wonyeols // @woopyun // @wow-pandastic-baby // @xmascnu // @xuexun​ //  @y3ol // @yenergy // @yeolmama // @yonggukology // @yonqqvk // @yoojinluv // @yooneroos // @younqjae // @yourbiaslikesitrough // @youre-my-cover-boy // @yugyeom // @yugyeomism // @yugyeommm // @yuhwan // @ziont-and-chocolate // @zunhwe 


Woobin icons - Set 1

For your personal use. Made by me, kimwoobinseyebrows. For more, check my tag here. Please don’t re-upload to Tumblr to post in the tag. If sharing off Tumblr, please include a direct link to this post alongside. 

Hello and welcome to my very first Follow Forever list! In celebration of this blog’s 3rd anniversary and having over 500 followers, I think it’s about time I made one! This list is made in honour of the many friends I’ve made in this site over the span of those 3 years whether we’ve spoken or not. I often notice a good bunch of you in my activity and it’s really nice to see you guys there as well! Some of you are blogs I admire quietly from a distance but I think are beyond awesome (both regular geeky and K-pop related) ;A; All in all, thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderful time in this website! Here we go~~







Super special shout-out to all my IRL/long term internet buds that have stuck here even after I turned into a K-pop blog and spam your walls far too much with Korean men orz

In all reality, I do adore all 760+ of you that I follow and all 540+ of you that follow me as well. I may not follow all of you back but I do notice you about and it makes me really happy to see that you also like what I like and I think that’s the coolest thing to share a love of so many things with so many. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. <3333 -Suu

So I hit 2000 followers today 🎉 🎉 🎉 AND I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME ❤️

and since I’m still following 30 blogs … I thought it’d be nicer to do a mix of blogs I follow and bloggers I think deserve the mention because ily all ❤️

so, in alphabetical order, here are my faves:

@anapher @amoulajojomadridista @arangs @baekhny @baehkkyun @banghae @banketitli @bewareoffeels @crumbgri @ddang-sae @deuramahunt @dominicsherwood @eunchans  @geontaebby @gimme-a-chocolate @haengah @heartou @illadusk @irrational-disbelief @kdramastuff @kimwoobinseyebrows @kodrama @koreandramafeels @krdramas @lavendervalar @lexcarnahans @littlebyuns @monbe-bae @naaera @nabongsun  @plutoast @q8a @sehtyle 
@seon-bae @sleepingtide @sseuregis @tinytrashqueen @wonder-fx

if i forgot you, i’m so sorry and I give you permission to disown me !

Soo Hyuk Fans Unite!

Project: Acheving an official name for the Lee Soo Hyuk Fandom

How you can help: 

If you have any ideas for fandom names please participate and send in a submission!

  • I’ve also created a twitter and instagram in order to expand our mission and spread the word!
  • In order to submit a name using twitter, simply tweet it @soohyuksyndrome with the hashtag #shfansunite
  • The same can also be done via instagram!

Another way to help is to spread this message however you can!


We really hope to get Soo Hyuk involved in making the final decision down the line but first we need to get a good collection of name ideas!

Other details:

There is no deadline for submissions at the moment, this all depends on how quickly we receive a good amount of names

I’ve also contacted hyksuu, justleesoohyuk, soohyuk-kmodel, leesoohyukleeshutupfeels, and kimwoobinseyebrows  asking for their help as well, in order to involve as many Soo Hyuk fans as possible!

I will keep you all up to date for whenever we decide to halt submissions, and decide when you will be able to vote on a name. Please reblog and of course, submit! TYSM!

Soo Hyuk fans unite!!

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on any of my social media accounts!

This man deserves an official fandom!