A drawing created by sound the of my heartbeat recorded through a doppler. The sound vibrations creates the force that moves the fragments of charcoal across the surface of the paper to create a trace of the heartbeat at 50bpm.

Mono-print Glass

The glass was inked up and used as a large mono print screen. Where I placed an A1 sheet of paper on top and created a hand drawn circle on the surface creating an impression on the glass and paper.

The glass was accidentally smashed by a friend several months after the print was made. This caused and effect created an extra layer of energy and depth that was needed in the work.

Art work for Mimosa | Moize

Fold, Card 2011

Mimosa | Moize is the minimal sound/art project of artists Lucia H. Chung (Taiwan) and Martin J. Thompson (UK).

Their ongoing relationship with sound is one shared both with perceivers and each other. Through exploring their experiences with sound as it is perceived, they wish to convey sound as a language, expressing to the other a sharing of a moment where sound becomes more than just sounding.

Mimosa | Moize currently release with Murmur Records (JP) and Dragon’s Eye Recordings (USA).

Black Ink, Water 2014

Art work featured on Massive Attack - Karmacoma Vinyl sleeve, as part of ‘Record Store Day’ and Secret 7” 

 Secret 7” is a charity collaboration between Universal Music Group, The Vinyl Factory factory, local charity War Child UK, Mother/London and Record Store Day UK.