I really wonder what Nakai said there! Ohno looks so cute! They’re so cute and I miss their interactions! :-( I think Kimutaku’s resisting himself from laughing lol

Shouhei has a day off rehearsals tomorrow, so he wants to go and see a show!

Since they’ve been airing Ghibli movies on nationwide television lately in a Ghibli festival of sorts, he’s been watching them as they aired.  He was reminded that Howl is his favorite, and being able to see the movie, he’s fallen in love with Howl all over again.  

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Detailed translation- Takuya Kimura on Yuzuru Hanyu and World Team Trophy during a radio programme “What’s up SMAP!” Tokyo FM on 1 May’15 (from 9:20 of video)

[Question from a listener: “How did you feel about watching the figure-skate competitions live at the venue? Did you stay only for men’s performances?]

Takuya Kimura: Yes, it was indeed my first time watching figure skating competitions live at the venue.   When we were shooting the TV drama about ice-hockey (several years ago), some figure-skaters such as Ms Fumie Suguri and Ms Miki Ando were training in the early morning at the Yokohama Prince ice-rink. After their training was done, we used the same ice-rink and shot the scenes of ice-hockey or training. So, I had the occasion of watching the figure-skaters’ training.   But I never had a chance to watch a real competition, where the venue was fully packed with audience, the music was played so loudly, and many skaters tried to exert all their hard training for one action. How can I say it.… Of course the kinds of ice are totally different but for me who once had the occasion of being on the ice even a little bit, it was absolutely thrilling indeed… You know, the skaters lightly and gracefully move to their starting position of their performance and their skate-shoes stop, making the sound “shhhgghh”. That sound of the skate-shoes scraping the ice, THAT is my favourite. When I was doing ice-hockey, I felt the same way about the sound of blades scraping the ice.   Now that I had the chance to see figure-skating live at the venue, it has made me wanting to watch it again.

So, I was asked if I only watched the men’s single competitions.  No, I was able to watch ladies as well as men. Oh, that was absolutely exciting!   Yeah, it would depend on each person and be largely influenced by the kinds of performances, but I was about to fall in love.  Oh, that girl, she was extraordinary.  From Russia, I think.  A 16-year-old skater.   She was the only one who performed flamenco to guitar sounds.  She was absolutely fantastic.  I believe she will become extremely successful in the near future. (t/n. Elena Radionova)

In addition, I think I was personally moved particularly because we are in the middle of shooting the TV drama called “I’m Home”.  I have a “daughter” called “Subaru” with my “ex-wife” called “Kaoru” in the TV drama.  Subaru’s smile and the smile of Ms Kanako Murakami looked very similar.  Of course, I was fully aware that it was Ms Murakami. But when she appeared on the ice, the music started, she successfully landed jumps and finished her performance with no mistakes,  I just couldn’t help but stand up and gave her a standing ovation.  I still remember how very touched I was.  

And of course, Mr Hanyu’s performance.  I am not sure how to put it, but I had the occasion to meet very quickly with Mr Hanyu and with Ms Murakami backstage.  With regards to Mr Hanyu, how could his personality be SO perfect?  What on earth was that?  What kind of upbringing could possibly nurture such an impeccable human?  It was unbelievable.   I would guess he must be quite strict with himself. Because he is probably strict with himself, his actions and behaviour when he meets people are so wonderful.  Really, he had a complete personality, to the point of amazement.

Yes, so, I would love to go and watch the competitions live again, if there is a chance. It’s definitely better to watch at the venue.  Watching on TV is OK and easier, but live is very exciting.  I highly recommend it.

[Translated by Sophie Moroi (FB) and edited by me]

HERO 2 (2014)

Rating: 7/10

Recommend: For those looking for detective-ish drama, and ofc for HERO fans!


Like most HERO fans, I was prepared to hate the season 2 of the drama because Matsu Takako is not there anymore. And just to take the suspense off the table, no, she is not making a guest appearance anywhere in the drama nor is her relationship with Kuryu explained.

So, moving on to the drama itself… It is actually not that bad. Not bad at all. Besides the completely different group, the drama has succeeded to keep its ‘feel’, for lack of a better word. The office is still the same, the chemistry between the characters is still there though most of the members are different, and of course how they shoot those office scenes are exactly the same. Just in higher definition, go technology.

Kuryu Kouhei (Kimura Takuya) is back to the Tokyo prosecutor branch where he used to worked at a few years back. Two of the paralegals, Suetsugu and Endo are still there. New paralegals are the security guard who is now a paralegal, and of course Asagi Chika (Kitagawa Keiko), self-claimed most efficient paralegal and now assigned to help Kuryu. Four more new faces can be seen in the office, 3 prosecutors and the head prosecutor.

With new characters, comes new conflict. I find it interesting (but in some instances boring) how they tried to bring in the past by mentioning the issues with past members of the team. I can’t help but find the problems similar though. For example, young prosecutor falls for the pretty paralegal, romantic tension between the two more mature prosecutors, and old paralegal helplessly drooling for the lady prosecutor. So yes, exactly the same problems, just different characters.

If this is your first HERO drama, I guess it would be a pretty good one. But if you’ve watched the first season, I have to say the first one is still the best. 

The ending is a bit meh, but a movie is coming up or so I’ve heard. And with Matsu Takako this time! Can’t wait :D

Here comes a bit of a spoiler.. 

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