as a thank you to the lovely rae for being generally wonderful and a gr9 friend, i promised fic recs!! since i am a Ziam Girl ™ this is, pretty much, all ziam. so.

(in no particular order, stuff I’ve read from now until about january)

*also should be noted that i probably rec all of their stuff and you should peruse all of the author’s fic B)

    • You’re a good sign - Liam and Zayn in four different seasons + one more because life is basically a circle.
    • And Wonderful Is True - An AU in which Louis owns a bar he should probably close on Wednesdays, Niall turns down job offers, Zayn doesn’t make art anymore, Liam’s scones come premade and frozen, Harry cooks in other people’s kitchens, and two of them are lying. Or the one where Liam, Zayn and Louis are too tangled in each other to move anymore until Harry shows up.
    • Spoons In The Drawer - Zayn sets a cup of tea down in front of him with a clink, nods at the creamy swirls around the top when Liam looks up questioningly. “Three sugars and milk,” he repeats, dutiful, and Liam smiles around the rim of his cup. (some riach bros stuff too but when is that ever a bad thing)
    • not shy of a spark - zayn works in an art shop and pines over liam while louis pines over harry and they both use each other for a while and niall has a crisis of sexuality when josh comes along and yeah….
    • And Through Your Eyes (I See The One I Wish I Was) - 1D Uni AU, where everyone’s good, of course they are, except for the part where they’re all just a little bit fucked. (6 part series long but SO GOOD)
    • gasoline - british university AU where they don’t actually do a whole lot of studying. louis falls head over heels for harry, his best friend zayn is dating liam without the sex and niall tends bar. (the second one is a prequel sighing)
    • Meet Me At My Best Friend’s House - Liam and Zayn at ages six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four.
    • pt.1, pt.2, and pt.3 of pornstar!ziam (f-locked)
    • And if the Hook Sets In - Illegal underground boxing AU.
    • Good Thing At A Bad Time - zombie AU
    • Yours Faithfully - Planet-hopping popstars Liam and Zayn are used to odd presents from their intergalactic fanbase, but when an alien admirer gives them Harry and Louis, the gift comes at a particularly awkward moment in their relationship. Also featuring a gang of rebel girls and a sentient spaceship called Niall. (make sure u read the tags and warnings but this is AMAZING)
    • some kind of pair - Liam makes him wonder what his life would be like without him, if their paths had never crossed, and Zayn can’t say the same for anyone else. He thinks that feeling – the uniqueness, one-of-a-kindness of it – is something he’ll be having to deal with for a long, long time.
    • i’ll see you down the line - AU where Zayn works in the snack shop of the local skating rink and Liam’s a hockey player (worse, an attractive one).
    • i’ll always have you - what if tattoos just randomly appeared on our skin at key points in our lives and we had to figure out what they meant for ourselves? (i was originally going to rec this one but forgot somer also wrote this and i love both help)


skin of the night : m83
[queen of the night, she is deep inside, haunting me]

you and i know : ra ra riot
[promised to hide up in my eyes, i would unburden you from this]

night winds : geographer
[you could take my letters and rearrange the words, you could read them backwards until you liked what you heard]

swoon : the chemical brothers
[just remember to fall in love, there’s nothing else]

sleep : the dandy warhols
[i could sleep forever but it’s of her i dream]

blinding : florence + the machine
[no more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone]

crystalised : the xx
[burn down our home, i won’t leave here alive]

in search of : miike snow
[we won’t back down from anything in search of a remedy]

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{let’s get into trouble you make it look good}
looks good with trouble, solange

{i try not to hurt anybody i like but i don’t have the drugs to sort it out}
afraid of everyone, the national

{cut open my sternum and pull my little ribs around you}
fineshrine, purity ring

{you only have to look behind you at who’s underlined you}
destroy everything you touch (hot chip remix), ladytron

{freebirds fly away they just don’t stay}
freebirds, lover lover

{bleachin’ your teeth smiling flash talking trash under your breath}
anthems of a seventeen year-old girl, young buffalo

{fallen out of favor, fallen from grace}
falling, florence + the machine

{you’ve been stole with a poacher’s time}
poacher’s timing, aiden grimshaw

{prove to me i’m not gonna die alone}
putting the dog to sleep, the antlers

{forget the horror here, leave it all down here}
spanish sahara, foals

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the national, trouble will find me :: lady gaga, ARTPOP :: lover lover, there is a place :: beyoncé, BEYONCÉ :: bastille, bad blood :: justin timberlake, the 20/20 experience :: demi lovato, DEMI :: local natives, hummingbird :: vampire weekend, modern vampires of the city

etcetera :: arctic monkeys, AM :: big sean, hall of fame :: the neighbourhood, i love you :: one direction, midnight memories :: sky ferreira, night time, my time :: drake, nothing was the same :: the band perry, pioneer :: daft punk, random access memories :: selena gomez, stars dance :: charli xcx, true romance :: exo-m, xoxo :: kanye west, yeezus ::