skin of the night : m83
[queen of the night, she is deep inside, haunting me]

you and i know : ra ra riot
[promised to hide up in my eyes, i would unburden you from this]

night winds : geographer
[you could take my letters and rearrange the words, you could read them backwards until you liked what you heard]

swoon : the chemical brothers
[just remember to fall in love, there’s nothing else]

sleep : the dandy warhols
[i could sleep forever but it’s of her i dream]

blinding : florence + the machine
[no more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone]

crystalised : the xx
[burn down our home, i won’t leave here alive]

in search of : miike snow
[we won’t back down from anything in search of a remedy]

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{let’s get into trouble you make it look good}
looks good with trouble, solange

{i try not to hurt anybody i like but i don’t have the drugs to sort it out}
afraid of everyone, the national

{cut open my sternum and pull my little ribs around you}
fineshrine, purity ring

{you only have to look behind you at who’s underlined you}
destroy everything you touch (hot chip remix), ladytron

{freebirds fly away they just don’t stay}
freebirds, lover lover

{bleachin’ your teeth smiling flash talking trash under your breath}
anthems of a seventeen year-old girl, young buffalo

{fallen out of favor, fallen from grace}
falling, florence + the machine

{you’ve been stole with a poacher’s time}
poacher’s timing, aiden grimshaw

{prove to me i’m not gonna die alone}
putting the dog to sleep, the antlers

{forget the horror here, leave it all down here}
spanish sahara, foals

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