i was so happy i finally found really good trustworthy friends that were funny and fun to be around.. i try to be nice and introduce my friends and now whenever they hangout i can never be there. they only talk to me in school. one of them used to text me everyday. now she’ll stop answering after like 2 seconds of talking. and they hangout with the new person more than they have ever hung out with me. today the all made plans together and then all were like “oh kim wanna come with US?” it was inconvenient so all of them hung out with out me… sometimes i just kinda wonder what’s wrong with me that people kinda just push me aside. it hurts.

seriously i sit there and let you vent/rant to me every single day and still you have the nerve to say that these friends of yours are all you have. wtf am i to you then? 

i hate that you're so fake.

i don’t listen to hardcore music, especially screamo, and i don’t do drugs, and i don’t obsess over every little thing everyone talks about or does. i’m my own person, and i don’t care what ever the fuck else everyone else is doing. i do what i want and for me. not for the people around me, just so people will like me. pretending and lying obviously hasn’t done you any good since you hardly have any friends. so you can do you and i can do me.. i’m just glad i’m not involved in your bullshit anymore. :) 

just needed to type this out..

I really shouldn’t let this get to me but.. I hate the girls in my high school. They’re all so stuck and they act like they’re better then you if they go out and get drunk every weekend and hook up with random people. Congrats on being trashy? Sorry I’m not like you? Lol me and my friends were hanging out and this girl from my school thought it would be funny for her and all her stupid friends from a different town that I didn’t even know to come up to us and start harassing us for stupid shit I didn’t even do. Next thing I know she’s texting me telling me “Don’t worry I would never fight someone like you anyway” and so I asked her what she meant and she said “You should know.”

who do you think you are? people have no right to tell me who I am. I don’t want to be involved in your bullshit just because of how stupid you all look. I’m glad I’m not like you. so good you wouldn’t fight “someone like me” cause first of all I wouldn’t want to fight you and second of all “someone like me” knows I’m better then you and all your stupid drama and SOMEONE LIKE YOU is the last person I want to be involved with. fuck you.  

:) <3