Just freinds. (A Kidoh & Jin Fanmix)
(*Note: I might change some of the songs & edit this post)
1. The Hills
"I only call you when it’s half past 5, the only time i’ll ever be by your side."
2. Sleeping With A Friend
"It's a risk but babe, I need the thrill."
3. Just Friends?
"So let's play pretend that we're more than just friends."
4. Feelings
"I got these feelings for you and I can't help myself no more."
5. Animal
"Here we go again, I kinda wanna be more than friends."
6. Hotline Bling
“You used to call me on my cellphone, late night when you need my love.”
7. Idfc
"Tell me that you love me, even if it's fake."
8. Count On Me
"If you ever forget how much you really mean to me, everyday I will remind you."
9. The Birds Part I
"So don't you fall in love, don't make me make you fall in love."

”Please, Seokjin…”
Hyosang breathed, holding ever-so-tightly onto the other’s arm. He doesn’t want him to leave, and Seokjin doesn’t want to leave either. Large eyes begging him, blossoming with tears. It’s always the same. He have to leave, because they can’t stay together. Seokjin have someone else and Hyosang is aware. Through none of them can ignore how it only feels right when they are next to each other. Together, they feel complete.
”My other half…”
Hyosang mumbled, close from a whimper. Those words hit Seokjin like an arrow, lips parting but no words coming out. He closed the door. They could see each other behind the closed door, where they could live off what they felt. Those feelings they couldn’t understand, those memories that they shared but never lived.
Bodies getting closer, arms, legs tangled together, they pressed their faces against’s each other necks; finding the comforting warmth. Clinging to each other, trying to get even more closer to an impossible extend.
”I’m sorry.”
Seokjin spoke for both of them. Hyosang knew. None of them could make it work. Not now, in another life they were, but not anymore. Those stolen moments were all they had now. Fists closed tightly onto Seokjin’s shirt, Hyosang could feel his hands shaking, his whole body shaking. He couldn’t fight it. It was useless. He was useless. Two half that couldn’t be together anymore. A whole that couldn’t exist anymore.