“How about lovers. Tell me about all your past and present boyfriends.”

“I have a little pervy question.. Who was the first person you made love to?”


I’m only going to talk about Donovan because he had a real influence on the woman I am now.

We met when I was 22. I still remember this meeting, he approached me saying that the perfume I was wearing didn’t match me at all… He was a perfumer you know, and his sense of smell was exceptionally developed. Then proposed that I should come visit his shop someday, so that he could suggest a new one to me. … I came, and we quickly started dating.

I said earlier that he changed me… Indeed, at that time, I was quite reservedand anxious about the image that my personality and my appearance would give to others. But the fact that a man like him - brilliant, refined, and esteemed by all - was interested in the girl I was then made me more confident. 

We broke up after five years of being together. In a few words, he wanted us to have a child and I wasn’t ready for this…

And since you’re asking… my first time was with him.

You also asked about my present boyfriend. Well, the man I’m currently dating is called Solf.

It turns out that he is a very clever man, and I must say that I enjoy his company a lot.

I’ve only known him for a few weeks, but I feel serene about the direction this relationship is taking. ”


OOC: Well, I was not expecting to have to quench so much curiosity. But I must admit I haven’t been very generous in details yet concerning the relationship between Iris and Kimblee. 

This indeed deserves some clarifications. 

I’m not going to answer with drawings since drawings are reserved to the questions to which “Iris” answers. This certainly needed to be specified~

Now, let’s type something weighty…

1) “When did you met Kimblee?”

Iris met Kimblee on a train which was linking Briggs to Central-City, in the fall of 1914. 

The scene would takes place in the FMA manga (or the Brotherhood anime) when Kimblee comes back from the North after have caused the massacre on the border between Amestris and Drachma. (this chapter)

They sit face to face during the journey. Iris comes back from a marriage of a friend in North-City. The first contact is created when Kimblee helps her to put her suitcase on the luggage rack, after which they keep talking together.

2) “What was your first impression of Solf J Kimblee?”

At the very first glance, she found him rather good-looking and distinguished, but of a certain coldness. After a few minutes spent in his company, Iris judged Kimblee as being a man worthy her attention. 

3) “What made you fall in love with Kimblee?” / “What is it that you see in Kimblee?”

On the one side Iris is a superficial woman, and so she certainly was charmed by Kimblee’s good manners and his appearance, being rather good-looking. But she is also an intelligent woman who likes talking ; and in him she found somebody very intelligent (probably more so than herself) with whom she would be able to discuss things for hours without getting bored. That’s probably what made her fall in love with him.

4) “Is Kimblee still evil when he meets Iris?”

Kimblee doesn’t change anything about his behaviour for/because of/or thanks to Iris. He doesn’t need to do it because he is not only “evil”, this is only a part of his personality that ensues from his selfishness and passion/fascination for his alchemy. But apart from that, he can act like a gentleman and that’s the only facet of him that Iris has known.

5) “If someone told you about the darker side of Kimblee’s life, how would you react?”

By “the darker side of Kimblee’s personality” I think you’re speaking, on the one hand, about his past, about his zeal during the Ishval war or his time in jail as well; and on the other hand, of his position at the approach of the final battle, the fact that he betrayed the human side to join up with the homunculi. In both cases, what is highlighted the most is his selfishness: he does what he wants, and he does it for his own pleasure no matter the victims made by his choices. 

I think Iris would first be stunned and incredulous to learn about this story. And then she would feel afraid by imagining it is the truth; not only about the real nature of Kimblee but also about her country menaced by those creatures, “the homunculi.”

Of course, she would look for explanations from Kimblee. In the case that he tells her the truth, (that’s what he does, otherwise I can’t answer the question completely) she would run away, totally overtaken by what she heard, and would manage to never see him again. But I want to add that her reaction could have been different if she had a longer relationship with Kimblee before being aware of "his darker side.” In this case, she would not have enough hindsight on the situation and so would follow Kimblee’s opinion, convinced that he can’t be a bad guy, after having listened to the lies he could invent to make her support his position.

Of course, I allow myself to remind everyone that this is only assumption and will never happen.

6) "Did you ever marry after Kimblee dies?”

Hm, first at all you must know that for me, it was not necessary to develop this part of Iris’ story much, since in the manga and in the BH anime we don’t really know what happens after the Promised Day for a lot of characters (we just have a bunch of pictures at the end that show what they became). 

Now, yes, she get married around 1918. With a comedian~ (and I won’t tell you more).

You must know that there is another reason that I don’t want to say too much about what she’s doing after Kimblee’s death : KimRis must stay the only OTP!


Feel free to ask more about them~

Thanks to SiAnaithnid for the proofreading C: