On July 2, 1706, Kimpa Vita was captured near her hometown and burned at stake with her baby (in some accounts) in Evululu as a heretic in 1706 by forces loyal to Nusamu a Mvemba, one of the kings of the Kongo Kingdom. She was tried under Kongo law as a witch and a heretic, with the consent and counsel of the Capuchin friars Bernardo da Gallo and Lorenzo da Lucca.

What is her story?

Kimpa Vita was born in 1684 in the Kongo kingdom during the time of trade and partnership with Portugal. Note that after 1492, Kongo even had embassies in Portugal.

Kimpa Vita, later baptized Beatriz, was a Congolese prophet and leader who created her own Christian movement, Antonianism, which taught that Jesus and other early Christian figures were from the Kongo Empire. Her teaching grew out of the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church in Kongo, and caused her to upbraid the Portuguese Catholic priests living in the Kongo Kingdom for not believing as she did.

What is commendable about Kimpa Vita is that she was able to mobilize a large number of Kongo to reclaim their faith and make it what they’d like it to be… All of this while she was a teenager. She died when she was 21.

Justin “Justkas” Kasereka