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What are the main diferences between the arts and conversations of Tokyo geishas and Kyoto geikos? I read some time ago that Tokyo's are more cultured than Kyoto's. What would a client prefer one insted of the other? Are clients diferent in each city?

Tokyo is a bit more relaxed than Kyoto as their traditions aren’t seen as strict. However, they are still fashion pioneers and will often set kimono trends and are very much encouraged to be involved in current technology. This is likely why you heard that they are more “cultured” than their Kyoto counterparts. In some districts the vast majority of their clients work for the government or something else related to government, so it’s a bit different from Kyoto’s wealthy elite (although government workers get paid very, very well). 

Can we talk about Japanese Percy please?

  • Sally not being all that surprised when she finds out she’s sleeping with the god of the sea because hey japanese people have worshipped the sea for years
  • she even asks him if isonade is real one night when she’s drunk and can’t stop giggling and he looks at her likes she’s the cutest thing on the planet (because she is)
  • He gets Sally’s silky black hair and her tan skin and Poseidon is h a p p y
  • Percy speaking fluent Japanese !!!!! (and turning everyone at camp on)
  • Sally and Percy refusing to speak anything but Japanese to each other after Gabe said it was a language for “chinks” and being an overall racist prick
  • Percy being able to transition between Japanese, English, and Greek so well it actually terrifies annabeth
  • Fourteen year old Percy wanting to be friends with Ethan because he was the only other Japanese kid at camp and he sympathized with Ethan for feeling like an outsider
  • Percy hating school because of the little shitheads that would tease him and say “you’re too dumb to be asian/i thought asians were supposed to be smart”
  • Percy watching his mom work and seeing how easily she could crunch numbers or watching her finish reading her novel before he even finished going down the slide and feeling s a d
  • Ofc Mama Sally told him he was perfect the way he was, he still can’t shake the feeling of constantly not being smart enough
  • When he meets Annabeth at her egotistical bratty stage and sees how she looks down at him for not being a genius he wants to punch her in the mouth (with his mouth)
  • Little Percy going through pictures of his mom dressed in her kimono looking all types of gorgeous and thinking she’s the prettiest woman in the world
  • Older Percy finding out kimonos are the latest “trend” this year and just    s i g h s
  • Percy being really close to his grandparents and visiting them at least once a year back in Japan
  • Percy really respecting his elders like everyone thinks he’s some punk ass kid but he really helps old ladies with their groceries
  • This even applies to the gods because even though they’re assholes and deadbeat parents for the most part he does respect them on some level
  • Percy cooking super spicy soba noodles and  Okonomiyaki for Annabeth/Jason/anyone that is willing to have their taste buds burnt off
  • Percy being the ultimate sushi snob
  • Percy giving everyone cute lil japanese nicknames especially a certain scary son of hades
  • Percy and Drew talking shit in Japanese
  • Drew meeting Sally and the two of them becoming gal pals who love tea and have the shiniest hair on the block
  • Nico impressing Sally with how much of Japan he’s visited because of shadow travel mishaps
  • Percy taking all the new asian campers under his wing and making sure they felt at home at camp, especially the ones who can’t speak english too well
  • Percy teaching his kids how to speak Japanese and telling them they’re doing amazing even when they fumble over all the words and being super proud of them trying because they know how much it means to him

Japanese Percy warms my cold heart <3 


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trendy kimonos by phraseologyla

  • velvet beaded fringe kimono in emerald
  • sheer floral multicolored kimono
  • hand-dyed indigo kimono

maybe you’re hella confident rocking the latest kimono trend … or maybe you feel a little like a poser in one (like i do). fear not! phraseologyla has TONS of styles so you can find the perfect piece to dip your toe in that trend’s waters … or, be bold and cannonball into it.