kimono sleeve tops

@sinaetra​ tagged me to answer a few questions which i will do bc i was dancing and am now too hyped to sleep

  • nicknames: joy, jolie, jo-y (pronounced how it’s written), koi, foetus
  • star sign: aquarius
  • height: 169.5 cm (i’m salty about how close i am to 170)
  • time right now: 00:38:46
  • last thing i googled: how do snakes sleep
  • fave music artist: What Kind Of Question Is This
  • song stuck in my head: 불타오르네, FIREEE~
  • last movie i watched: i watched split today in the cinema :/
  • last tv show i watched: sense8
  • what i’m wearing now: dark grey “kimono sleeve roll neck top”, black jeans with rips in the knees, white converse
  • when i created this blog: heyy i accidentally deleted this blog last august so i guess then
  • the kind of stuff i post: art, space, cool buildings, literature
  • do i have other blogs: @frenchasparagus for memes, @kkamisama for asian things
  • do i get asks regularly: nope Haha u thot i was popular
  • why did i choose my url: lmao u know
  • gender: female
  • hogwarts house: slytherin
  • pokemon team: pls don’t remind me of pokemon in the peak of my academic load
  • fave colours: any shade (white to black) and all colours are pretty :( 
  • average hours of sleep: 5 probs or 6 if i’m lucky
  • lucky number: 3, 7, 127? they’re not lucky they’re just faves
  • favourite characters: you’re not ready for how much of a piece of trash i am
  • dream job: something in PR or advertising particularly in media/entertainment. or a filmmaker.
  • number of blankets i sleep with: 1
  • following: 154

i’m not gna tag because it’s late and i should sleep~