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Bad outfits, Lindsey edition: for most of the 70’s Lindsey looked pretty fabulous on stage, lots of beautiful silk shirts, kimonos and ofcourse the beautiful white suit. But to keep things interesting, every now and then he would wear an ugly shirt. I don’t mind the white suit and the black suit from the Tusk tour, but for some reason I can’t stand the grey version (and it was his favorite one) Ofcourse in the 80’s there were more ugly shirts, but also weird pants and weird jackets.

Taisho uchikake. Taisho period (1912-1926), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery.  A vivid and remarkable silk wedding kimono featuring a masterful depiction of a phoenix, paulownia and peony flowers. The patterning technique is yuzen on a smooth, plain-spun high quality silk. The phoenix and the paulownia are intimately associated in Japanese legend – the phoenix will only alight on the branches of this tree. A composite of several animals, the phoenix is a symbol of peace and the rising sun, a bird whose song is particularly musical and auspicious. Because the phoenix is the female counterpart of the male dragon and its varied colored feathers represent the traditional virtues of truthfulness, propriety, righteousness, benevolence and sincerity – it is an auspicious bridal motif. The peony is an auspicious flower, known as the flower of riches and honor and is an emblem of wealth and distinction. It symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and peace. An emblem of love and affection, the peony is often a symbol of feminine beauty.


Summer kimono. Taisho period (1911-1927), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A woven silk hitoe (unlined) summer kimono featuring wild carp. The carp (koi) when used on a woman’s garment such as this example is emblematic of faithfulness in marriage and general good fortune. Some of the carp are silver and others black; the silver ones were created by silver-metallic thread woven inserts.  The kimono ‘canvas’ with these silver and black carp against a mottled blue atmospheric background is dramatic and experimental, befitting the Taisho period kimono renaissance.

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Supercorp: Lena and Alex bond over video games and their girlfriends have a hard time getting their attention whenever they're playing Call of Duty.

Kara slid the key into her apartment door and walked through, immediately dropping her bag when she was on the other side.

She rolled her eyes at the sight of Lena perched on the end of the couch, headset on, game controller in hand as she shouted at the characters on screen.

‘You call yourself an Agent, Danvers? What kind of shooting was that?’ Her girlfriend yelled incredulously through her headset at Kara’s sister.

There was a pause and then a huge chuckle from Lena.

‘Do you kiss your girlfriend with that mouth?’

Another pause.

'I do more than kiss your sister with my mouth…’

Lena snorted.

'You started it…’

Kara hung up her coat and rolled her eyes again. It was her fault really; she had innocently mentioned at game night last week that Lena had a copy of Call of Duty at her apartment. Alex’s eyes had lit up as she had immediately pulled Lena into the kitchen to discuss tactics and playing with her online.

Kara had only wanted her girlfriend and sister to bond.

The next evening Kara had come home to discover Lena in a pair of sweatpants, engrossed in a mission with Alex online.

Pleas of ’30 more minutes’ had turned into 3 hours and Kara had gone without anything more than a quick kiss from Lena all evening.

Two evenings later, Kara has walked into a similar scene, but this time Alex was on the sofa with Lena.

'Your girlfriend is really good!’ Alex called over her shoulder at Kara, 'for a civilian…’ she teased Lena.

'Oh, you wana go Danvers?’ Lena teased back, bumping her shoulder into Alex, 'we’ll head to the shooting range and I’ll show you just how good this civilian is.

Kara grinned, happy that the pair of them we’re getting on.

'Is Maggie working late tonight?’ Kara asked.

She was greeted by silence; only the sound of gunfire filling the room.

Kara tried again, but again there was no response from the two women sitting on the couch.

Kara sighed and walked towards the sofa and gently tapped Lena on the shoulder.

Lena jumped and turned to face Kara, taking in the slight raised eyebrow.

'Hi darling!’ She exclaimed and turned her head to place a kiss on Kara’s cheek, but tried to keep her eyes on the TV; she instead ended up kissing the air.

'I’ve been asking if Maggie is working late tonight and you’ve both been ignoring me’ Kara pouted and poked Alex in the shoulder.

'Sorry Kara! We’re playing a two player mission and… Lena! On your right!’ Alex yelped and Lena spun back round, her tongue poking out as she shot in the direction Alex had shouted.

Kara shook her head and went back to the kitchen to prepare dinner; she knew there was no way she was getting any help from her two favourite women.

A week later and Kara was no longer finding it cute; Lena has barely spent any time with her in the evenings and judging by the texts Kara had received from Maggie, Alex had been no better.

It stopped tonight.

Kara contemplated her options before sending a quick message to Maggie;

Lena is playing again. Guessing Alex is glued to the sofa?

It didn’t take long for the response to come through;

Oh yes. You’ve created a monster Little Danvers! Alex hasn’t touched me in a week…

Kara scrunched up her nose before tapping out a quick reply;

TMI Maggie!

Kara could just imagine Maggie laughing; she enjoyed playfully teasing her a little too much.

Kara wandered towards her bedroom, amazed that Lena still hadn’t noticed that she was home. Her phone buzzed in her hand;

It’s your fault LD… but it has given me an idea… you game?

Kara was intrigued; she had an idea of where Maggie was heading, but didn’t want to think about helping her sister get laid.

Distract them? Kara quickly replied.

I don’t need any details; she’s still my sister! She added as an afterthought.

Bingo! Black lace is always a good distraction ;) came the reply.

Kara groaned and pushed her glasses back up her nose. She chuckled as her phone buzzed again;

Sorry LD!

Kara threw her phone on the bed and quickly undid her shirt, a plan starting to form in her mind.


Meanwhile at Alex’s apartment, Maggie was rummaging through Alex’s wardrobe for a plain white shirt. She was in just a pair of black lace boxers, having decided against a bra.

She found one and pulled it on and rolled the sleeves up to her elbows. The shirt was slightly too large, but added to the overall effect she was going for. 

Maggie checked herself over in the mirror before heading towards where Alex was engrossed in her game with Lena.  As an afterthought, she quickly removed the handcuffs from her uniform belt that was hanging over the back of a chair.

Maggie leaned against the wall, just out of Alex’s eye line, her ankles crossed, and handcuffs dangling from one finger. She chuckled as she heard Alex reprimand Lena for getting shot, good job Little Danvers, she thought.

Maggie cleared her throat.


Kara pulled on Lena’s kimono, the silk gliding over naked skin; she had decided to forgo anything underneath. 

She let her hair down from the bun it had been in all day ran her fingers though it a few times.

Kara wandered out to the bedroom and sunk onto the sofa next to Lena, who finally noticed her girlfriend was home.

'Hey love’ Lena smiled and Kara lent forwards to place a quick kiss on her cheek, 'we’re nearly at the end of our mission…’

'That’s ok’ Kara replied and put her legs across Lena’s lap.

Lena noticed the sudden pair of legs and looked at Kara, her eyes going wide as she noticed the slightly open kimono, her kimono, which was barley covering her very naked girlfriend.

Kara suppressed a chuckle as she watched Lena’s eyes dilate.

'It’s fine babe, you finish your game with Alex’ Kara reassured Lena as she pulled on the tie to the kimono, the silk gliding open now there was nothing to hold it in place.

Lena turned her attention back to the TV, but found that her eyes kept darting back to Kara’s naked form lounging next to her.

Kara started to run her fingertips over her body; gliding over the swell of her breasts, down to her stomach and back up again. She noticed the way Lena’s eyes kept darting back to her until her character got shot.

Lena winced as Alex yelled through the headset, what was that Luthor? What’s going on there? Lena squeaked out a one worded response; she wasn’t about to explain to Alex that she was being distracted by Kara lying naked next to her, touching herself.

Lena re-doubled her efforts to concentrate and complete the mission as quickly as possible, but nearly dropped the controller when Kara let out a low breathy moan. Lena turned her head sharply to find Kara teasing and pinching her nipples.

Lena gulped.

Kara retained eye contact with Lena as she slid one hand lower and lower until she brushed through her soft curls to the wetness beneath. She circled her clit a few times and bit her lip to suppress a moan.

Lena sat frozen in place, torn between wanting to watch Kara or replace Kara’s fingers with her own.

Kara’s finger slid lower to gather up some of the wetness coating her lips. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and sucked them clean.

'Alex…Alex… You there?’ Lena managed to stutter into her headset, 'you’re on your own…’

Lena removed her headset and threw it onto the coffee table along with the controller before laying over Kara and kissing her passionately, growling at the taste of Kara’s arousal.


Alex turned around as Maggie cleared her throat, her mouth going dry as she took in her girlfriend’s attire.

Her hair was down; soft, messy curls framing her face; a slightly too large shirt that Alex recognised as one of her own, nipples hard underneath. Alex’s eyes travelled down to the lace boxers and she let out a moan; Maggie knew she had a weakness for lace underwear.

The handcuffs glinted in the light and Alex licked her lips. She removed her headset, set it down on the sofa and stalked towards Maggie, reaching out for the cuffs, thoughts of Maggie cuffed beneath her running through her mind.

'Uh uh’ Maggie tutted, 'as your hands have been far too occupied with that controller all week, I’m cuffing your hands exactly where I can see them.’ Maggie tilted her head, waiting for confirmation from Alex that she was ok with that scenario.

Alex nodded and practically ran towards the bed.

Maggie laughed as her girlfriend bounced onto the middle of the bed and waited patiently. She snorted when she heard Lena’s voice come through the headset telling Alex she was on her own.

Maggie walked slowly towards the bed, making Alex wait for her.

'Lie down, hands above your head Danvers’ she instructed.

Alex complied, sighing in contentment as Maggie straddled her waist and leaned forwards to feed the handcuffs through headboard and click the cuffs round her wrists.

'I’m going to make you beg…’ Maggie whispered into Alex’s ear, 'You don’t get come until I say Alex. Understood?’

Alex moaned out in agreement.

'You’re never going to ignore me in favour of that video game ever again’ Maggie murmured as she ran her tongue over the shell of Alex’s ear, smiling as Alex shuddered beneath her.


The next morning Kara awoke to herself and Lena tangled on the couch, clothes strewn everywhere.

She reached onto the table to grab her phone and laughed out loud at the message from Maggie;

Mission was a success! I’ll spare you the details ;)

Yes, Kara agreed taking in the worn out CEO asleep on her, the mission was most definitely a success. 


Summer kimono.  Early Showa Period (1927-1940), Japan.  A sheer “ro” (gauze) hitoe (unlined) silk kimono featuring joined-swastika and waterwheel motifs. The waterwheels were all hand-created by inserting silver threads manually - astonishing is that this insert work cannot be seen on e the backside of the cloth.  The Kimono Gallery.

Prog aesthetics
  • Genesis: Renisance paintings, fields of wildflowers, old abandoned mansions with overgrowth, Greek mythos, old decorative bibles, the smell of hot herbal tea, early mornings, fresh dew on a spiderweb, makeup, large elaborate fountain sculptures, and the sound of the wind rustling leaves as they fall
  • Emerson Lake and Palmer: smashed guitars, large cities at night, dusty church organs, metropolis movie posters, elegant gilded swords, old sifi novels, old alcohol bottles, the smell of cinnamon, bruised knuckles, sunsets, the smell of summer air, and the sound of a forest in winter
  • Yes: the ocean, iridescence, mountain air in the early morning, water lilies, greenhouses, the smell of the sea after a storm, holding hands, glittery capes, fae, ripples in a cup of water, elegant lace dresses, warm raspberry tea, daisies in the early morning sun, and grainy mermaid footage
  • King Crimson: large abandoned castles, old music books, smeared crimson lipstick, crowns made of gold and rubies, velvet robes, gold flakes, the smell of autumn, the sound of leaves crunching, baroque shattered mirrors, elaborate gilded daggers, red candle wax on a skull, the smell of insense burning, shattered crystals, blood soaked books, torn midevil tapestries, and empty parlor rooms with nothing but old broken furniture and paintings on the floor
  • Pink Floyd: Light shows, prisms, torn up money, the smell of old cigarettes that linger years after one was ever smoked, mushrooms, silhouettes, vintage postcards, erupting volcanos, broken walls, abandoned factories, the smell of an old book, dusty rooms, big fuzzy wool sweaters, and decorative tobacco pipes
  • Rush: the night sky, old science textbooks, silk kimonos, skeletons, the desert, the smell of new technology, dusty Ayn Rand novels, the sound of music through an old radio, the smell of an old maple table, the Canadian tundra, apples, smashed synthesizers, gears, grandfather clocks, and carved statues of trees

Yuzen-painted furisode. Taisho period (1912-1926), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A silk furisode featuring large yuzen-dyed cranes. The main symbolic meaning of the Japanese red-crowned crane is long life. With their lifespan of some thirty years, cranes were thought to live not just decades but thousands of years, becoming virtually synonymous with immortality. At Japanese weddings, it is a symbol of loyalty. Also, associated with the qualities of honor and wisdom, cranes were believed to be intermediaries between heaven and earth, a messenger of the gods to humans, thus symbolizing the spiritual ability to enter a higher state of consciousness. Furthermore, the crane also represents a lasting soaring spirit, health, and happiness. Their white bodies stand for purity and their red heads denote vitality. This kimono would have been likely worn by either the bride prior to the main wedding ceremony, or by an unmarried sister to the bride at the main ceremony. The artistry on this furisode is exceptional: the cranes, all in flight, are scattered against a finely shaded multi-color background to stunning effect.


Kimono. Taisho period (1911-1927), Japan. The Kimono Gallery. A silk rinzu (damask) kimono featuring a very effective arrangement of vertical stripes. Striped kimonos are not rare, however, this superb example is extraordinary. Firstly, the sleeve width being 50% the width of the main body is standard, but not the 50% of sleeve length to kimono length; these two ratios result in a balanced and solid canvas. The color choices, width variation, and combination of stripes must have come from an artist in full control of his senses. The effect caused by a bilaterally symmetrical stripe arrangement on the sleeves against a bilaterally ‘marching’ stripe arrangement on the main body is puzzling and entrancing.

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Do you think Mafia!Yurio has a kink for wearing lingerie?...Cause I cant unsee it.


That boy LOVES wearing pretty little things for Beka behind closed doors. Lots of silk and lace, lounging in his ridiculously oversized bed with a silk kimono and lingerie on. Sending Otabek photos of him in it when he’s bored and Otabek is off talking business with Yakov, just to mess with him. 

Also, you can thank @llyn-on-ice for the hc about Yuri wearing body chains too in the mafia AU because that’s infested my mind lately and must be drawn


Kimono. Taisho period (1912-1927), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. An antique silk kimono with an unusual pattern design and techniques, featuring a complex shibori of fan and ‘tsuzumi’ (hand drum) motifs. See detail images to view a close-up of the techniques used. The inner hakkake lining is of wool. The tsuzumi is a traditional shoulder drum used by the Japanese in music performances and theatre. 'Sensu’ is the Japanese name referring to the folding fan. Both are used together in certain Kabuki and Noh play stage performances, and in earlier times, during the Heian classical period of a thousand years ago, by shirabyōshi court performances and Muromachi period Kusemai dances. Thus these two motifs on this kimono allude to the stage and theatre, and giving the wearer an aura of class, sophistication and worldliness. The artist and craftspeople involved in the creation of this kimono were elite: the subtlety of the meticulous lavender tie-dye contrasting against the bold yellow and red drum motifs is dramatic and effective. The drum motifs seem to have been created with a complex mix of techniques - localized double kasuri (ikat), shibori (tie dye, and supplementary three-dimensional wefts). The work would have likely involves several months of exacting labour under the direction of a master kimono artist of the day. The confidence, experimentation and wealth of the Taisho period are all reflected in this stunning kimono.

Massages (Mob AU! Sehun)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you do a mob au sehun ?

Your fingers dug lightly into the back of Oh Sehun as you gave him a massage. His eyes were glued to the TV while he ate. He was a hard working man and you his loving wife. Groans left Sehun’s mouth as you found a tense spot. “You take such good care of me” he moaned out as you chuckle. “I will do anything for you” you tell him as he smiles “I know” he whispers. “You know what will make this massage better?” he says with a smirk. “What?” you ask as your tickle his back. “I get you one of those short silky kimonos” he said as you chuckle. “But you’d be wanting me to massage a lot more than your back then” “well it’d be just one area” he hints as he turns to you. He pressed his lips against yours.

“Sehun-oh sorry” Sehun sighs as he pulls back to see Baekhyun standing there awkwardly. “What?” Sehun asks regretting giving Baekhyun a key to your apartment “the boss needs us” he said as Sehun pressed a kiss against your lips again. “I’ll be back at some point baby” he whispers as he got up. He gave you his plate as he left the room.


“What do you think?” you asked your friend and wife of Minseok another one of mobs members, Hyeran. “Is this what Sehun wants?” she asks a she looked at the kimono. “Its Sehun. You know him” you say as she nods. “Minseok wants handcuffs now” she tells you giggle. “What kind?” you tease as you take the kimono to the counter. “The fuzzy ones” she tells as she watches you pay. “I could use some massage oils if you want help picking something out” you say as she nods.


It was nearly two days before Sehun texted you back and soon enough he was coming home to see you.

The door opened as you smiled in the dim lited living room. Sehun entered the room and you posed in the little silk kimono. He gave a tired smile “ah princess. I would take my clothes off right now for you but-” he started as he came closer into view and you saw the blood spattered clothing that covered him. You pouted “did you get what you needed?” you asked him as he winked as he headed to the bathroom “when I’m out. That special massage better still be on the table” he hints as you give him a flirty smile. “Anything for you” you tell him as he sighs. “Babe” you call put as he stops turning to you. “Only wear a towel out” you tell him as he smiles. “Of course” he says as he heads into the bathroom.


Shibori kimono.  Taisho period (1912-1926), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A silk shibori kimono featuring large ‘yabane’ (arrow-feather) motifs of shibori with silk and metallic thread embroidery highlights. This kimono is patterned entirely in fine shibori (tie-die). The arrow feather (yabane) motif first became fashionable in Japan as early as the Heian era – initially with martial connotations – and during the Edo era it was often used on kimono for ladies in waiting. The motif was very popular on schoolgirl and teacher kasuri (ikat) kimonos of the mid to late Meiji period. During the Taisho and early Showa periods the yabane was a popular woman’s kimono motif, created via shibori, stenciling, or yuzen-dyeing. The arrow-feather motifs were most often vertical, but sometimes created at an angle, as in this example. The Yabane pattern, like most geometric motifs, is all-season, however, it has an auspicious association with weddings – like an arrow shot from a bow a bride does not return to her parents’ house. This kimono would have been very expensive to create - the shibori work itself would have taken a few months to complete. The white silk embroidery on the two arrow-feather motifs situated on lower left of the kimono is very visible from a distance, and provides a tasteful change from the other plainer motifs. The motifs are randomly scattered throughout the kimono 'canvas’, resulting in a casual relaxed atmosphere. The “speckled” appearance of the yellow background color is an accomplished effect: many thousands of tie-dye knots were once placed here to be able to achieve the slightly puckered yellow dots on black background speckled look.

On love, lust, and other feelings (Sashea) - wordsmithmaybe

A/N: Hey:) This is my first time submitting anything on this blog, but I have my own blog where I have been posting rpdr fanfictions for a while now (wordsmithmaybe). I’m obsessed with lesbian sashea so I couldn’t help but write this 7k au fanfic!! I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if you want a sequel x

(sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I’m slightly dyslexic, but i tried my best to proof read) 

P,S This story is inspired by my own experiences. I’m not trying to offend anyone or their religion. 

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