kimono dance theater


Day 2 of my 20 day Pokémon challenge! Favorite City/Town. I choose Ecruteak City, A Historical City Where the Past Meets the Present. I love the entire lay out of the town and the beautiful Japanese architecture. The Kimono Dance Theater is just gorgeous inside and out. The Gym leader, Morty, is an easy battle but the gym is fun nonetheless. Not to mention the Burned and Bell towers. Ecruteak City has a population of 46 which makes it the fourth-largest city in the Johto region.


Miyako Odori, The Dance of the Capital: (Source1, Souce2 , Source3)

The Miyako Odori (Gion Kobu) was created in 1872 for a Kyoto Exhibition. It’s the annual representation of skill of the school dance Inoue.

This blue kimono is a symbol of this Odori. A lot of japanese and tourists come to Gion Kobu for see this Odori, for many it’s the only occasions for see a geiko or a maiko and participate to a formal tea ceremony. This Odori is performed at the Kaburenjo theater.

The poster (was the 2014 poster) that you see (second photo) show generally one of the famous maiko of the year. For this photo it’s was the maiko Satsuki. These poster are drawed by some famous japanese drawers.  

The most famous scene of the Miyako Odori is named “So Odori” where all of the maiko and geiko dancing together.