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rumpleflumpsky  asked:

How do hippy and busty girls wear kimono? Does it sit weird if your waist is a lot smaller than your chest and bum?

Yes, it will be quite difficult! Kimono are cut in a shape that you could describe as a “column”– absolutely flat, intended to be worn absolutely flat. The obi should properly be the widest point of the body when seen from the side, never the bust. And if your waist is slimmer than your hips and ribs, the obi will collapse, wrinkles will form above and below it, and there will be too much fabric, the collar will slip etc. What to do?

Put simply, everything is either bound or padded!

Wearing kimono is never as simple as throwing a kimono on over a slip (unless you’re wearing a male kimono). If you have a bust, it’s bound–traditionally with a long roll of cotton fabric, these days with a binding bra. 

(Image here http://xn–4buq53cmyl.xyz/240.html)

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What if you have a waist?

You gotta wrap it up! People use a dishtowel or a face cloth to pad the small of the back, the upper chest, shoulders or ribs as needed. Check out the following diagrams at https://yukatamusubi.com/contents_02.html . 

Further instructions for padding here: https://yukatamusubi.com/contents_02.html

If that sounds pretty hot and slightly uncomfortable, you’ve put your finger right on it. Kimono is definitely suitable for cold weather! You’ve got layers of silk, cotton and towels wrapped and tied tightly around your whole body. Of course, this padding and arranging is used primarily for very proper kimono, in formal situations, when you can’t afford a single wrinkle. But when you get it just perfect it’s great!