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I'm truly sorry if I offended you with the sugar skull makeup. I had no idea it would offend anyone, and I don't plan on doing the make up again. I'm very sorry.

I am glad you’ve seen why it was offensive. Cosplay can be a great and beautiful thing, it is upsetting when cultures are appropriated when there is so much that can be done that is appropriate.


kimmyragefire  asked:

Do you use any custom brushes in sai? If so would you mind sharing were you got them from?

I don’t really have any custom sai brushes, I usually just stick with the default, I’m very unadventurous :c

Sometimes when I need a certain texture or effect I play with the settings until I get what I want but for some reason I never think to save the brush so I don’t really have anything cool to offer unfortunately, I’m sorry!

  • Random guys in my year level:Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  • Me:Neither that shit is disturbing.
  • Random guys in my year level:
  • Me:
  • Random guys in my year level:
  • Random guys in my year level:*hi-fives"
  • Me:*Hi-fives*
  • Random guys in my year level:*walks away*
  • Me:*Continues drawing*