kimmy is a feminist!

Surround yourself with people and stories that inspire, strengthen, and elevate you. Here’s another gif I created for Netflix, who’ve built a mighty awesome hub for female-focused storytelling. I love the range of relationships their shows highlight– young and old, cross-cultural, intergenerational, socioeconomically diverse. Pretty sure it’s not a coincidence that most of my favorite stories about women are written by women ✔️

When we use our strengths to lift each other up, we all become stronger. I’ve experienced this firsthand, thanks to all the amazing women I’ve worked with and for throughout my life! And I’ve been happy to see more of these sorts of strong, healthy female relationships on TV and film lately too. I created this gif for Netflix to give a shoutout to the talented women behind the scenes – the creators, writers, producers, and other crew members – who are working together to make real women’s stories more accessible to people throughout the world. Thanks to folks like Cindy Holland, Ava Duvernay, Jenji Kohan, Tina Fey, Tara Herrmann, Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch, and Chelsea Handler for bringing us characters we can relate to, cringe over, and root for!