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Do you ever get that unbearably overwhelming feeling when you see a character you are obsessed with and you just don’t know what with your self. Like you can’t breath and you end up just squeezing something really tightly. Or is that just me?

so, Kimmie asked me to draw Kay but where Kimmis works at, BTW I forgot to say, in 10 more month i might get a job (well its not really a job bc im working at the shop in my home) so yea, i just want to draw this, +Kimmie asked me for this, and we all know how i love kimmie( she’s my mom sister kid so yea)

The Problem With Supergirl...

is that Melissa Benoist would have smoldering, kill me now levels of chemistry with a stack of wet cardboard boxes.

Which makes it every confusing to decide who to ship her with, because you could ship her with anyone*.

*Except Winn, because the only thing keeping Winn from being a walking stereotype is the lack of a Trilby and a Vape.

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1. Name: Justine (for the love of gay, do not call me this)

2. Nickname: Teenie, Bean, Jim, or “Juicy tiny” depending on who you ask 😂

3. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

4. Height: 5′6"

5. Ethnicity: Whitey

6. Orientation: Bisexual~

7. Favorite Fruit: I honestly dislike most fruit, but bananas are my fav

8. Favorite Season: Winter 💙💙💙

9. Favorite Book: I haven’t actually read any real books in a few years lol

10. Favorite Movie: I’m super indecisive, but Guardians of the Galaxy is a good one

11. Favorite Scent: The smell of hay. Like, in a barn? Fuck, that shit brings me to when I was a little kid

12. Favorite Color: Lavender

13. Favorite Animal: Dogs are truly a gift

14. Favorite Beverage: Blue Slushies!!

15. Favorite Song: My frequent favorites change a lot (rn my faves are the entire BMC sound track) but an all time favorite of mine is “Carolina in my Mind” By James Taylor. My parents listened to his music a lot when I was a little kid and I guess it stuck with me. It’s just some really chill, calm music (helps me with anxiety a lot).

16. Favorite Characters: Michael Mell (BMC), Lance McClain + Keith Kogane (vld) 💖

17. Blanket number: 1, on my blog we freeze like men

18. Dream Trip: Idrk but I’d LOVE to go to a pride parade.

19. Follower Number: 2,481 atm :33

20. Blog created at: My houseee, like September 2015 I think

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