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#LEMONADE Parody from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Who Wore It Best: Met Gala 2017

Rihanna vs. Big Boo

Haley Bennett vs. Demogorgan

Helen Lasichanh vs. Titus Andromedon

Katy Perry vs. Khatun

When to let go | Prologue

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|Genre: Mafia AU, CEO AU, angst, fluff|

|WC: 2k+|

|Warnings: Swearing, time jump in future chapters|

Kim Taehyung is nothing but trouble, and that was probably what drew you in when you first met him. But fast forward nearly two years; lots of things had changed, including you. And you began to grow tired of the boy who hasn’t changed at all.
So, the only way you could think of to fix your aching heart, is to let him go. But of course, nothing happens as you’d like it to.
Especially when it came to time. 


|PROLOGUE| part one |

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anonymous asked:

All the emojis you haven't done

Anon, you are funny! lol. (Trying to kill me, eh? Didn’t work!)

Thanks for the ask, though! I’m happy you seemed pleased with the other answers! Let’s see, all the ones I haven’t done are:

😑 😓  💚 💙 💤 👀 💖

That is 7 emojis lol. Let’s do this, hahahaha!

no reblogs please, or if you do at least tag ship hate or something

Ship that you’re indifferent to:

Sorry my friend(s?) who OTP’s this! Very much a strong platonic ship of mine though, though!

Don’t hurt her or you will see what a punch from the Ultimate Talent feels like.

Ship that you secretly like:

I am so sorry. He is so done………… Save him (from me).

And uhhhh I can totally upload the larger version later btw so no need to reblog (please don’t the quality purposely sucks)

If you want an explanation, blame DR3 for making this funny!

Ship that you used to have as an OTP:

Nothing is wrong with it necessarily… but the anime kinda made me start to dislike it, and then shipping wars made me dislike it so much more……. I BROTP them though!

Ship that is canon but you don’t ship:

Welllll the only actually canon one of the series is “Ruru” and “Yoi-chan”, and since I have NO plans to draw either of them, nor have a huge problem with them in a ship, I’m leaving this one be lol. (I guess Sakura and Kenichiro could count, but same dealio, except I would like to draw her one day haha. And parents are canon, lol, but why would we not let them be together?)

Ship you’re curious about:

Honestly, I would love to know more about Sou/////dam and Nae////////gami, but lack plushies for all but the little egg, hahaha. That said, these two seemed like they’d be super good friends, and they could have romance potential!!!! TOO BAD SPIKE DIDN’T CARE!!!!! :D

Ship that needs more love:

I feel like Ko needs the positivity, hahaha. And I bet he can actually give Nana a challenge on luck-based games :P It’s cute, hahaha.

I almost skipped one! Worst for last….

Ship that I find disgusting:

Yeah…………. need I comment?

Well that was all of them hahahaha.

If you seriously want the runner ups or someething you can totally send in an ask! But it won’t have plushie things lol.

This was a lot of fun, though!!!!!! Took a long time for this one since not all the plushie things were ready. (And I overkilled by making a gif that was low-quality anyways hahaha)

Should I do something like this again? Didn’t seem like people much liked it, lol. This is controversial ship time, though, so maybe that is why lol. Whatevs, I had fun :P