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Finally finished with all of the Hajiplushies! If I missed any canon variation of Hajime/Izuru, please let me know!

Everything is in the chronological order of appearance! Feel free to use if you’d like since they are all transparent!

More of the plushie things!:

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I put the backs of the plushies on a separate post because Tumblr is not cooperating with me :(


All of Shel Silverstein books of poems were my absolutely favorites as a kid. This typography quote poster was created in admiration of his words. I tried to bring his language and poetry to life with each quirky letter and type setting. By using typefaces I created (Lunchbox & Lunchbox Slab) I was able to customize areas to fit the words. 

The color and texture in the prints are inspired by a combination of watercolor textures and silk screen printing. 

Poster has been printed at 1440 dpi on 90 lbs Studio Watercolor Paper. Available in various sizes. On sale at Etsy!


The Ultimate OTP!

This is the real first prize winner of the poll last week! Please forgive me, and I hope it was worth the wait!

Feel free to use if you’d like! I included the transparent so you can let them have a date wherever you want!

Alphabetical Fandoms

Reblog if you see one of your own

A: Andi Mack, Avengers, Anastasia

B: Beauty and the Beast (2017), Boy Meets World

C: Captain America,

D: DOCTOR WHO!!! (My #1!!), Doctor Strange

E: Emporer’s New Groove

F: Friends, Forever, Flash, Frozen, Fast and Furious,

G: Girl Meets World, Gravity Falls

H: Hamilton, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0, Hannah Montana

I: iCarly, Iron Man,

J: Jane by Design

K: Kimmy Schmitt

L: Liv and Maddie, Life Unexpected

M: Moana, Miraculous Ladybug, Marvel

N: Newsies

O: Once Upon a Time, One day at a Time (the origional series)

P: Psych, Pretty Little Liars, Percy Jackson, Phineas and Ferb

Q: … yeah, I got nothing…

R: Recovery Road, Reba, Ruby Red trilogy,

S: Supergirl, Switched at Birth, Sonny with a Chance, Sonic the Hedgehog

T: Time After Time, That ‘70s Show, Toy Story

U: Uncharted

V: Victorious

W: Wreck-it-Ralph, Warriors, Wizards of Waverly Place

X: Gosh dang it! I’ve got nothing!!

Y: Young and Hungry

Z: Zelda