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shiropaws  asked:

How many oc's do you have

So counting all side characters I got like
30+ most are just fragments and bits right now
I have 7 mostly fleshed out and still developing as I continue to write my stories. I only got like four of them visually designed (Tessa, Kimmy, Caramello, Kai)

Edit: oh right I have a DnD character named Kyushio!
And counting my human OCs which were made up during my dream, that should be 10 fleshed out OCs lmao

Burford, now for sale on for 75% OFF! 

This font family was sketched while traveling through Europe this fall. I was mesmerized by all the unique typography that was showcased throughout the five countries I visited. Inspired by all that I had seen, I found myself spending 4-5 hours per day in Amsterdam’s Vondel Park drawing characters. Once back in the states I digitalized Burford, deciding it would make for a beautiful layer-based font.

Burford is a layer based font with stylistic alternatives and comes extremely multilingual. Enjoy!