kimmy bby

I wish more people liked Kimblee

you see Kimmy isn't such a bad guy, yes he killed all those people but the mans clearly too full of awesome to be fully sane, i also wish that people would appreciate the things he says just as much as the others because half of the time its just so true. 

im not trying to be pushy or jerky in any way if you dont like Kimmy thats fine by me but do me a favour and liten to him next time he speaks, K?

-Rant over- ily guys 

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I’m gonna fly to my home country next week and spend the last part of my summer there. As a result, I won’t be here for a while. Most of my posts are on queue. Don’t worry; I’ll come back, obviously. So before I go, I’d like to appreciate all of you for slaying my dash. Gonna miss you all when I’m gone. And this is the reason why I decided to make my first follow forever, along with the fact that I’ve been here for almost a whole year. The follow forever list includes mutuals and non-mutuals.

I apologize if I didn’t mention your url on the list. I follow tons of blogs here and I might’ve forgotten to mention some of you. You can inform me by sending a message. It’s fine, don’t be shy. I love you all and you deserve to be included <3.  This is my first follow forever, after all. I tried my best :)

Okay, enough of the intro and let’s get to the fun part :D

All of the urls mentioned below: Thank you for existing. You and your blog are awesome. Stay that way.

Bolded (most of the urls are bolded lol) : I love your blog A LOT. You rock!

Bolded and italicized: I love your blog THE MOST! <3 (I just realized that I have a lot of faves lol.)


@22love04 / @25thomas / @a-ver-nem-valik-vizze / @acercrea / @adorvzqy / @alllforthebanter@amagicalemi / @amyharripersad / @annalewa / @ayemleonie / @baclstuber / @badstuber /@badstubing/ @baernat / @bastian517 / @bby-jishwa-kimmi@beyourownanchorsweetie@byern-munich / @calumchambers  / @chaostrick / @cincydrawing / @darkdiamond19 / @davidalabae / @dergoldeneschuh / @deutscher-fussball / @dfb-ayern / @die-koeniginnn / @diemunchkins /  @dieroten-bayern / @du-bist-jetzt-mein / @dxbayern / @eatsleepbreathebayern / @emmaafc / @fandomswithahintofsports / @fc-baes / @fc-muller / @fcbakery / @fcbayernmess / @fearlesskiki / @federicosflorenzi / @flawlessneuer /@fussballgoth / @fyeahneuer / @gaertnerplatz-gang / @galsinspace / @gayern-munchen / @geronimodreams / @gir0uds / @goodbyetoyesterbae / @granitixhaka / @grapebooty / @habibtiharry / @hctrbellerin / @hellograce2513 / @hummxlz / @i-stole-rudolphs-nose / @ihatethetransferwindow/ @iheartdiemannschaftandsuch / @itsbayernbitch / @itswilsherepants / @jana153 @javiermartinezaguinaga  / @juju123p / @juliebjohnstons / @kaimoelln / @kingbasti / @kingslayy / @lahmm /@lallanas-in-pyjamas / @lawendowski / @ldlwlgpl / @leobittencourt / @lewantorski / @limonixm / @loriskariius21 / @lovefootball4ever / @madinthewonderland / @manuelneueer / @manuel—neuer/ @manuelneuerismylife / @manuelneure / @manuelneurs / @manuelnewer / @manuneuerr / @mascheranojavi / @melanie-hh / @mgoetzinho / @mia-san-champions / @mia-san-fussball / @mia-san-madrid/ @mia-san-munich / @miasanfamilie / @miasanmadridista / @miasanmannschaft / @miasanmanuelneuer / @miasanwalter / @mmneuer / @moonriver10310219 / @mrtslv /@mulleister / @mullered / @mulllered / @mylilraumdeuter


@narcissus-princess / @neuerappreciation / @neuersevdalisi/ @neuersnutella / @neuerthenutellaguy  / @nicohulkenburger / @nisi-neuwedes / @nutella-bayern / @oficialmuller / @ourfootballimagines / @philip-lahmmm / @piszczyna / @pogbellerin / @princess-ppo / @radiomuller / @robertlewandwski / @rollinginstyle / @sakuleinchen / @sara-bastian / @schuerrle / @sebs-blue-eyes / @seventeenlovesthree / @teamraikkonen / @teddyofmanu / @thiaghoes / @thiagoalcantora / @thomas-mueller / @thomasandbasti /@thomasmuellerfcbayern / @thomasmullering / @thomasmxller / @thousands-of-splendid-suns / @tommy-the-ball-boy / @twasoffside / @unapologeticallybayern / @vera2128 / @whereisjavi / @worldfootballstory

Finally, we’ve come to the end of my first follow forever. Once again, thank you for filling my dash with lots of amazing stuff! I love you all! x


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After 3 years I reached 500 followers so I decided to do a (little) follow forever.
First of all I want to thank you all. Thanks for following me and thanks for making my dash awesome af.
It was the best decision to make a football blog. I have another blog ( @140m-reicht ) before this one and with that I discover the football fandom on tumblr with this amazing community.

So here are my favourite blogs. I know I follow some of you not so long but I don’t want to miss you on my dash.
If your username is italic I love your blog. If your username is bold I love you and your blog.

A – F

@alexiwobi@allthingsilike@baaaayern@baernat@bayermund@bby-jishwa-kimmi@buyerns  ◾ @calumchambers​ ◾ @dfb-ayern@draxl3rs@draxlerr@dxbayern@fc-chelski  ◾ @fcbayernmess  ◾ @federicosflorenzi  ◾ @forevermesutozil

G – L

@gregvderwiel  ◾ @gutilicious  ◾ @hctrbellerin  ◾ @hellograce2513  ◾ @hummxlz  ◾ @idreamoffootball  ◾ @iluvbayern@immersudkurve  ◾ @jackvvilshere  ◾ @joshkimmich

M – R

@manuelneurs  ◾ @marcbaertra  ◾ @markclattenburg@mesut-and-tie@mulleister@neuersnutella@noplan-xd@oficialmuller@pogbala@radiomuller@reyesdelmundo@rogue1988@rowan-fcb

S – Z


(if I forgot any of you I’m so sorry. Just write me and I add your name)

anonymous asked:

Im sure you've done this many times already, but could you reccomend blogs that regularly post only football content? Or link a post that you've already made about this. That'd be so cool. Thanks!

Hi! It is very difficult to find blogs that post only football, so I picked the ones that post more football than other stuff. Those are the ones I can remember!

@dxbayern, @miasanfamilie @pppper, @welovemesutozil, @benihowedes, @fussballgoth, @snakehummels, @federicosflorenzi, @hctrbellerin, @paullpogba, @matuidis, @fcbastithomas12, @stevie-pearrard, @itswilsherepants, @mario-hotze, @snummels, @cuddlephilipplahm, @miroslavvklose, @klosenough, @badstubing, @thomasmullering, @radiomuller, @podolsski, @miasangeil, @thomas-muller-25, @philip-lahmmm, @ars-fc, @25thomas, @bastianstateofmind, @fc-baes, @joshkimmich, @lahmm@mulleister, @leupolz, @bayenrmunchen, @mariogcmez, @badstuber, @wilsheresdimples, @mullerswink, @sunnygotze19, @fcbayernmess, @itsbayernbitch, @32kimmich, @alahming, @fifas, @kaimoelln, @byern-munich, @bby-jishwa-kimmi, @kleine-kapitan, @pinpanpinpan, @mmariogotze, @fyeahneuer, @schweiniology, @bavaern, @thomas-mueller, @fc-muller, @miasaneuer, @bayermund, @king-gotze, @mariothesun, @deutscher-fussball, @loriskariius21.