Bittersweet 😨 She was fine❗️ 🎥 via 👉 @t0p_bikes
Aussie @Sar_Roy 🇦🇺 takes the win here in Chesterfield on @theWomensTour this afternoon, after
the most exciting stage of the OVO Energy Women'sTour
so far …but she did give Us a scare after the finish 🏁
Glad to report she’s Okay🤙| #Crash 😓 make a #flip’s
🎥 by @GoPro ft. J. Kimmins ⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌ ▪💯%t0pbikes
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“Rear Admiral Harcourt broadcasting the King’s message to Hong Kong on 31 August 1945. With him are Captain Anthony Kimmins, Chief of Naval Information, Pacific, who introduced him, and (standing) Mr Wyn Jones, Postmaster General, Hong Kong. Outside a Royal Marine stands guard as the station was still in Japanese hands when the broadcast was made.”

(IWM: A 30528)


the members’ reactions when jongin forgot to go backstage right after his solo and danced with exo-m


The desk of Brit Kimmins— SUPERvising Animator on “Bordertown”

Christmas Tree

“Last year, my cubicle was a lot smaller, so I really only had space for lights. Now that I have the room, I decided to put up a small tree, complete with a red/white tree skirt I sewed together. Those presents aren’t fake, either. They’re mostly for my other Bordertown animators.”

Tree Ornaments

“Those are some of the ornaments with which I trimmed my tree. There’s a Ninja Turtle, a Joker, and a Tardis. Ornaments like those probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody here that knows my tastes.”

Custom Bento Wrapping Paper

“Seeing as how they were all going to Bento Box people, I found it appropriate to have some custom wrapping paper printed with the Bento logo. I held off on writing names on the gift tags, just to further tease my fellow animators.”

Handmade Stockings

“To help add to the ‘Christmas morning’ aesthetic in my cubicle, I hung stockings for myself and the other three Bordertown animators. I sewed them together with fabrics I thought represented each person. My stocking features Ninja Turtles… because, as I said before, I like turtles. Marissa Fonte has a Dracula Hello Kitty pattern. She actually chose that fabric herself, as I jokingly criticized her for being the only person in history to ever request a Halloween-themed Christmas stocking. The other two are for Yssa Badiola with Big Hero 6 and Rachel Yonda with space and star constellations.”

Window with a View

“Being from the east coast, there are times when I miss the snow… looking at the snow, that is. I certainly don’t miss waking up early to scrape ice off my car windshield or shoveling snow out of my driveway only to have a plow drive by and push it all back in. Snow in Los Angeles would probably mean the apocalypse, so I installed a fake window to give myself a view that isn’t still warm and green.”

Candy Bowl

“That’s my bowl of candy. Although the candy wrappers are red and green, it’s not a seasonal thing for me. I usually leave a bowl of candy out for everybody here. Behind the bowl is a gauntlet I can use to control the universe.”

Name Tags

“Apart from my lost Brickleberry tag, I’ve saved every other name tag I’ve had while working at Bento Box. It’s sort of like having a timeline on display. On Bordertown, I supervise three other animators, all of whom are female. Our co-worker, Wendy Guin, made a joke about them being "Brit’s Angels.” The name kinda stuck and then one of our animators, Marissa Fonte, made that lovely sign.“

Bento-Brit Logo

"That? Oh, that’s the Britton Kimmins logo… What do you mean it’s just the Bento Box logo with my name on it? Anyway, if you look beneath my completely original logo design, you’ll see two Rad Dudes trading cards (a gift from Bento artist, Steve Umbleby). We couldn’t figure out if the character on the right has air blowing up his shirt or if he was drawn with a huge potbelly and thin arms/legs. It remains a mystery.”

Figurine Collection

“I suppose I have too many toys? It’s difficult to point out any specific section because it’s kind of all over the place. I’m sure some people looking at them would recognize a few of them.”

Brit’s Space

“Welp… there’s my cubicle.”