Komaru: Hey, isn’t that Hinata-san and Asahina-san?

Komaeda: So it is! It seems like they were able to find something on their list!

Komaru: Yeah! … Is it just me or are those cardboard cutoffs of us?

Komaeda: That’s strange… but if it’s for the sake of Hope, I don’t mind!

Komaru: You sure are a strange one, Komaeda-san…


Entertainment Tonight talks with the cast of #TwinPeaks at San Diego Comic Con 7/21/17 #SDCC

So @the-calvaree was feeling shitty today so I told her I’d write her a fluffy little fic to cheer her up. Here it is, babe, I hope you like it :)

Derek was relaxing in bed, a good book in his hands, and a cup of hot chocolate on the side table next to him. He was in for the night, all nice and snuggled up and relaxed. He even felt himself nodding off a little, his head bobbing forward every so often, his eyes sliding shut.

Then the front door slammed shut, startling him and instantly making him fully alert.

He could hear Stiles stomping through the house, muttering unintelligibly to himself, seemingly mocking something someone else had said judging by his tone. Derek grabbed his bookmark, a picture of Stiles about to sneeze that Stiles had shoved in a book as a bookmark months ago that now served as Derek’s favourite bookmark of all time, and saved his spot. The book was placed on the floor, safely away from his half full mug of hot chocolate, and he waited.

Sure enough, Stiles came into the room, his jacket already gone, his shirt half unbuttoned and his tie caught somewhere around his ears from where he’d gotten frustrated with taking it off and just gave up. He stared at Derek for a moment. Derek in their nice comfy bed, Derek wearing one of his soft sweaters and all tucked into the blankets. Once he’d looked his fill, he let out a loud groan and fell forward to faceplant on the bed. His head ended up directly next to Derek’s stomach so Derek reached out and ran his fingers through his hair. The groan Stiles let out this time was one of pleasure and he wriggled over and up a bit so he was pressed right against Derek’s side but his head was now smushed into Derek’s chest.

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Honestly what even was this SDCC

Like one of those free game trials where you only get to play for an hour and then you have to pay. Honestly though I only went into this wanting new pictures of Andy and I got them. I set the bar pretty low. I’ve only watched the trailer once and the only thing from it that I’ve even really thought about was Grandpa Rick and I’ve already explained that away so…. Once they cancelled everything I knew it was going to be very quiet, the panel is usually the least fun part and rarely brings much.