SHAWOLS!!!! The International Shawol video for SHINee’s 9th Anniversary is finished! EVERYONE PLZ STREAM!

The video is a compilation of Shawols around the world expressing love for SHINee to show them that Shawols are everywhere and are still with them.

A copy of the video is being sent to SM and it’s posted on YouTube

Please make sure the video gets routed to all Shawols. We’re doing our best to make sure that SHINee sees this and feels the strength of Shawol love and support.

Thanks to the organizers and editors for putting it together and to everyone who participated!

💖SHAWOLS and 💎SHINee💎fighting! 💖


I truly can’t express the warmth i feel when watching you just.. being yourselves. 

Let’s stay together, not forever, but at least to the point where we actually can.

                                                       happiest 9th anniversary, fam