Taemin's having a high fever...

According to a fan, during Music Bank in Brazil, Taemin was having a high fever so he left the stage earlier, and Minho was taking care of him all the way. Some of the fans said that Taemin cannot even stand still and walk straight, and was sweating so much which seems abnormal. During Why so serious, Taemin tried his best to smile and struggled through the whole performance.

God I’m so proud of you lee taemin, i think we all are. God bless and get well soon baby ♡ stop working too hard please, what truly matters now is your health and nothing else.

Life - SHINee WORLD II in Seoul
  • Life - SHINee WORLD II in Seoul
  • SHINee
  • The 2nd Concert Album `SHINee WORLD Ⅱ in Seoul`

1. plug in your headphones
2. turn up the volume
3. close your eyes
4. notice the fact that all the audience are singing along with them
5. experience the feeling of being surrounded by the pearlscent-aquamarine ocean. 

“When I get on my knees and cry before the world
When I stop my tracks inside the storm
If you alone are standing
I can suppress whatever pain and tears
All I want is you
Only one is you
in my life"