People think that knowing and becoming a Cassie ever since TVXQ’s debut days must have been great, but in actuality, I didn’t really consider them a big deal. Sure, I loved them, and I knew that they were absolutely amazing, but I dont think I really fell for them until a couple years later. That’s when I became a die-hard Cassie and truly appreciated TVXQ as artists. I don’t know about other Cassies, but it was like that for me. 

I need a moment to breathe. There is this flawless creature on my dash and I’m super happy right now. Changmin, thank you. Just, in general. For being a witty sarcastic troll. For being a flawless otp with Kyuhyun. For smiling, even though I can feel you really don’t want to. For being strong. For being an amazingly outstanding singer. For being born to share your talent with all the world to see. Though we have never met, you have brought to me, about a full lifetime’s worth of smiles and laughter. My wish, is that one day, you will be able to smile and be genuinely happy again. Keep doing what you love, no matter what it is. As long as it brings joy to your life, I’m all for it. It’s been amazing to watch you grow as an artist and a person. I hope this birthday is a fantastic one for you and that you have many more. Happy Birthday you dork.