Request for this scenario:

Can you write a Jonghyun smut based off his new mv?

A/N: If you meant like a fantasy type of thing, just inbox me! Plus, I’m not sure if you know how hard this was for me: writing a smut scenario about the hubby… for another person. Smh. *clears throat* But inbox me!

Group: SHINee ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Pairing: Jonghyun x Reader 

Genre: Smut

He looked so sexy, the light shining on his shirtless torso, a gas mask on his face. Earlier they’d had him in chains and now he was standing in front of you with his muscles on full display. God; and that goddamn gas mask. Why did that just add to his attractiveness?

You crossed your legs in your seat, your dampening panties becoming uncomfortable. The music played dully in the background and he mouthed the words. His gentle falsetto voice teased your eardrums and your face warmed immediately. Jonghyun made the mistake of glancing at you, only to see you nibbling on your bottom lip with legs crossed. You moaned lightly, despite yourself just as the director yelled ‘cut’.

“Girlfriend, could you grease him up a bit more?”

Jonghyun smiled lightly, watching as you jumped from the words. He stepped off of the platform and walked over to you as the staff touched up the background. You grabbed the oil and put a little in your hands. This was your only condition for the making of this MV. He was not allowed to touch the video girl too much and you were the only woman that would be rubbing anything onto his body. “How am I doing?” he asked, watching as you rubbed the oil on him.

“I don’t understand why you have to be half-naked” you mumbled. Jonghyun leaned into you a bit with a smile.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it” he said. Your hands froze over his pecs and he moved back with a grin on his face. How did he-

“You shouldn’t have came here. It’ll be embarrassing to get a hard-on up there, thinking about how wet I’m making you” he said calmly.

“Shh!” you said quickly. He smiled and began singing the words to his song as you rubbed the oil over his chest. Your hands slowed as you reached his nipples, tweaking them with your fingers. Jonghyun looked down at you, watching as your eyes transformed into lustful pools. Your hands were doing more than rubbing in oil; they were massaging his abs, your fingers tracing over every fold.

“She’s making me crazy~” he sung along, looking you over.

His penis became hard as your hands moved lower, touching the top of his pants. You were lost in your own world, thinking only of his hardening member as you looked into his eyes.

“Are we almost ready?” the director called out. You jumped back and put your hands together, feeling the oil between your hands. Jonghyun looked down at his erection and raised his eyebrows. “Give me five minutes” he said while grabbing your hand.

The director sat, speechless, in his chair and watched as Jonghyun dragged you off. “Just five minutes?” you questioned. Jonghyun was never the type for a quickie. He liked to slowly drag you to the brink before finally letting you explode. He said nothing, only smiling as he dragged you into his dressing room.

After locking the door, the first thing he did was to remove your clothes. He picked you up and placed you on his make up counter. He wasted no time, his tongue immediately attracting to your mouth. His fingers snaked between your legs and you moaned as they brushed your inner thigh. He moaned as his fingers moved over your lips, feeling the pool of wetness. 

His pointer and index finger were on either side of your clit, and moving in a circle. You moaned and grabbed his head with both hands, putting more effort into the kiss. Jonghyun slipped his two fingers into you and you broke the kiss, falling back against the vanity mirror. 

He watched your face as his fingers forced you to breathe in quick gasps of pleasure. He felt honored and proud, watching as he brought you to an orgasm, your legs wobbling. You sat against the mirror, your chest rising and sinking in. Jonghyun immediately moved between your legs, his lips kissing your outer lips before licking them. 

“Baby, you only told them five minutes” you reminded him, breathlessly. He ignored you, tasting your fresh juices. He used two fingers to part your lips and slid his tongue over your slit. Your breath caught as his tongue laid flat over your clit. He ran his tongue over the hard, slippery bump and you moaned loudly. There was no use in arguing when his infamous tongue came into play. 

Even his fans knew that he had a problem with keeping his tongue in his mouth. His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking on it roughly, making your thighs close in around his head.  “Oh fuck-” you breathed, “oh, oh fuck.”

You moaned, shoving your fingers into his perfectly done hair. Despite being suffocated by your thighs and having his hair ripped out, Jonghyun didn’t let up. He inserted two fingers into your hole again quickly shoving them in and out as he sucked hard on your clit. “You’re so good” you cried out. Your eyes were squeezed together so tightly that it began to hurt as you came over his face, a whimper leaving your body.

You breathed in shaky breaths as you struggled to open your heavy-lidded eyes. He slid his pants off, his underwear going with it. You were exhausted and he knew that. He lifted your almost lifeless body from the counter and carried you to the sofa. He ran his dick over your overly-sensitive bud and your hips jumped, a strange noise escaping you. Jonghyun slid the head of his penis to your opening before slowly sliding in. 

“Damn, baby” he cursed, working up a steady rhythm. You were practically vibrating, your body shuddering every time he slid into you. Never had you been so sensitive to him in your life. Then again, he’d never tried to fuck you after you’d already had two mind-blowing orgasms. He thought that it felt amazing but was also concerned that you may be in pain.

“Does it hurt?” he asked carefully, stopping the movement of his hips. You shook your head ‘no’ and he continued. Truthfully, it didn’t hurt, it was a strange mixture of pain and pleasure. He continued, moving his hips faster, trying to spur on his orgasm. Your nails dug into the couch and your back arched.

Jonghyun moaned your name as he gave you one final thrust. His cum shot deep inside of you and you came again, a tear leaking from your eye. He bent to kiss you, his lips gently pressing against yours. “Are you sure it didn’t hurt?” he asked, wiping away your tear. You nodded again and kissed him.

“I’m exhausted” you breathed. He smiled and sat up. He went across the room to grab your clothes and dressed you. By the time he was sliding your shoes on, you were pretty much lost in space. “Aren’t guys supposed to be the ones falling asleep after sex?” he joked. You smiled and he kissed your lips.