Thanks for the indirect shoutout @irisbeilin. If you had something to say should’ve tagged me directly at @queenofblending or properly tagged me at #queenofblending I’m easy to find. 😒 Apparently my non-basic & non-bland ass makeup is not as great as glamorous, cookie cutter, repetitive looks with occasional fun lip colors.

To each their own. I’m sorry @kimjluv, I see nothing wrong with your queenofblending days “before” makeup, other than the tail of the brow could have been cleaner and the lighting is too dark and orange. No makeup would look good in it. That’s IT. Not to say that your “after” isn’t nice, it’s executed really well and you look flawless!! Just saying I hope you know there’s nothing wrong with either. If you wanna look like a clown, go be a damn clown. Why can’t people let me and other clown folk look a fool in peace?

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