kimiko yoshida

I’m going to be difficult right now and say that I really hate those Kimiko Yoshida portraits. It irks me. Too much gpoy. I don’t like the way she erases the face…it’s not the same as the Al Jolson blackface. I know it’s supposed to be artsy and edgy and make me think but all it does is irritate the fuck out of my eyes when I see that gorgeous Berber jewelry on a blacked out face. 

I know that she’s a Japanese born woman living in France, and therefore her perspecive is different and blah blah blah and drink some wine and enjoy the art and shut up, but it just bothers me in ways I don’t know how to express without coming off as irrational and oversensitive and paranoid and whatever else you say about someone when you don’t think they understand ART. It seems disrespectful, as if to say “look at how bizarre these customs are when they’re taken out of context and put on my artsy face” or something. 

Also, I’m creeped out that someone would take that many self portraits.