kimiko tomohiko


Stuff for my AU-verse called Shimmer. Even bigger than Clashing. Jack is generally a very rude brat, he grew out of his idolization of Chase years before he meets him and actually would rather kill him in the beginning than marry him. Wuya is an Immortal, super important people, she’s also witchy still. And less a bitch. Kimiko is a merchant’s daughter and also royalty of her home country but sheeee cares more about travel than power and her mom is chill as fuck with that. Imagine a matriarchal classical Japanese culture. That is what she comes from. Chucky Choo was… no. I hate drawing dragons. Sob.


As promised! The AMV request has been finished! I hope you all enjoy it! There’s more of my ramblings in the video description itself, but I’ll just put the specific info you might want to know here:

Requested by: RuneNekotar

Song: Evil Genius
Artist: Eleventyseven
Show: Xiaoling Showdown
Program used: Vegas Pro 8.0