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The Fairy King

Pairing: Ban x King

Rated: K

One-shot (Slight Angst)

(Spoilers for Chapter 104)

Summary: King is relieved to have his forest and all of his friends back, but he immediately realizes that not everyone is so forgiving of his sins, even if it wasn’t his fault.

The Fairy King

 King sat down at the foot of a tree in the Fairy King’s Forest and covered his face with his pillow. He had been so relieved when he had discovered his home was still in existence along with his fairy friends. He was so happy, so relieved that after all the things he had lost, something was still remaining. That he hadn’t lost everything and he was so grateful to Ban for everything he had done. But his happiness had been short-lived. All of his friends hated him now. He was no longer the Fairy King. He was just an ordinary fairy with no friends or family to return to. He was alone. He had truly lost everything. Hot tears streamed down his face and his body shook as he curled into a ball. He wished he would never be found and he wished that time would go back. He wished he could reverse time so that he could have remembered his kingdom, so that he could have saved Elaine, so that he wouldn’t have had to erase Diane’s memories, so that he could have spent his time helping Ban instead of trying to hurt him. He wished that he could exchange his life for their happiness. He wished for it so deeply and the ex-fairy king cried his heart out. And with each droplet that fell on the forest floor, flowers bloomed.

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Akashi Seijuurou

💊Sick | Akashi Seijūrō

~admin Ru

You yawned as you flicked through the channels of the television. It was a Saturday morning, and you were bored out of your mind. All your friends were busy, you had completed all your homework, read so much fanfiction ‘til your head hurt, and now you were just trying to find something decent to watch. You were watching the famous Spongebob Squarepants, when suddenly your ringtone blasted from your phone speakers beside you. You looked at the screen only to find that your boyfriend of 2 years, Akashi Seijūrō, was calling you. 

“Moshi moshi, Sei. How can I help you?”

“Just *cough* wanted to greet my *cough cough* empress a good morning *ahem* “

You frowned at the sound of his hoarse voice and held the phone closer to your ear.

“Seijūrō, are you okay? You don’t sound so well”

“I’m perfectly fine, my love. *cough cough cough cough cough*”


“*cough cough cough*”

“Sei?! Okay, that’s it, I’m coming over”

“No, [F/N], I forbid you from *sneeze* coming over. And that’s a *cough cough cough cough*”

“Whatever order you may give me, Sei, I’m still coming over. You’re terribly sick”

“No, I’m perfectly f-fi….aaacchoooo!”

You giggled, “Yeah you sound great. See you in five minutes”

You hung up and quickly got dressed before grabbing your essentials and leaving the house. It was only a 20 minute walk from your house to Akashi’s mansion but you speed-walked today because if you were going to be any later than you already were, Akashi would have drowned in a pit of his own mucus. Once you reached you rung the bell which echoed to about five blocks away. You panted slightly as you waited for the butler to answer the door. Once the gates were opened you stepped inside and was greeted by the usual maids that attended to Akashi and his household. You had become quite close with them since they were really nice and you had been over here several times. 

“Ohayō gozaimasu, [L/N]-san”, one of the maids, Kimiko said.

“Ohayō gozaimasu, Kimiko-chan. And please, stop with the formalities”, you said in a friendly tone.

She smiled and nodded before returning to her work. You walked up the flight of stairs which were carpeted with a nice red and gold design. You ran your hand along the polished wooden railings as you walked. Once you reached the top, you came face to face with Akashi’s room door. You could hear his sniffles and coughs from the outside and you sighed, knocking on the door.

“Come in”, a husky voice said.

You opened the door to find Akashi lying in bed, his eyes swollen, his cheeks pink, his red hair in a wild mess and his nose twitching. He frowned when he saw you and sat up in bed. You closed the huge door behind you and walked closer to him. Tissues were scattered all over the floor, and you tip toed past them to make sure you didn’t step on one. You looked at Akashi and raised your eyebrow in a questioning manner.

“I told you not to come, [F/N]”, he said.

“You expect me to leave you alone while you’re like this?!”

“I’ll be fine, now *cough cough* leave”

“Shut up. You’re too stubborn to even ask for help, and you don’t want to take any medicines, nor do you want to take a nap to make yourself feel better, and you want me to leave? Hell no!”

“[F/N], I am absolute, I’ll get cured if I want to, and I will”

“Not like this you won’t. Now tell me, where do you keep your thermometers and stuff?”, you asked looking around.

“[F/N]-aaaacchoooo! I-I’m fine”, he said wiping his nose with the back of his sleeve.

“Sei, please? You know you’re not going to be fine by yourself”

He sighed and looked to the side. “If my empress wants it then she shall have it”

You smiled and took out a thermometer from the drawer that Akashi pointed to and placed it in his mouth. Akashi only frowned and rolled his eyes slightly, hating the fact that he had to be taken care of. After a while you pulled the thermometer out and gasped.

“Sei, you’re burning! 39 degrees!”

“That is nothing I can’t handle, [F/N] *cough cough*”

“Oh shut up”, you said before getting a soft hand towel and rinsing it with cold water. You placed it on Akashi’s head making him wince.

“Lie down, Sei”, you instructed.

He sighed, “[F/N]-”

You cut him off with a stern look and Akashi let a small smile break onto his face at how caring you were. He lied down while you pressed the thing harder onto his forehead. You then called for one of the maids and asked them to make a bowl of tofu soup just for Akashi since it was his favourite food after all. You also requested for them to get some pills to soothe his headache. You then searched around for some flu medicine and found it in the fridge that he had in his room. You poured some of it onto a spoon and placed it in front of the stubborn boy’s mouth.

“C’mon Sei, drink up”

“I am not a child, I’ll drink it myself”, he said taking the spoon from you.

You rolled your eyes and let him have it his way, as long as he drank the medicine. Akashi placed the spoon in front of his mouth and cringed at the unusual smell that came from it. He was about to place it in his mouth when suddenly….


The medicine went flying everywhere and so did the spoon. The impact from the sneeze made Akashi hit his head on the headboard and he seemed to have got mucus all over him. You couldn’t help it. You had to.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”, you burst out laughing.

Akashi glared at you as you rolled on the floor, clutching your stomach, sounds of laughter coming out of your mouth. A little blush tinted his cheeks as he just embarrassed himself in front of you. He searched around for a box of tissues but couldn’t find any. And there you were, just guffawing on the floor.

“I-I’m sorry I couldn’t help it, hahahaha, jeez. I haven’t laughed like that in so long”, you said wiping the tears from your eyes.

“If you speak about this to anyone, [F/N], I won’t hesitate to put you under exile”, he threatened.

“Yeah yeah, whatever. Come on, you need to take a bath while I clean this place up, your mucus is everywhere”, you said pulling him by the arm.

He growled under his breath and stood up, pushing the white sheets off him.

“I would kiss you to shut you up, but that will only cause you to catch my flu. You’re lucky I love you, [F/N]”, he said before entering the shower.

You chuckled and started cleaning up the mess with the help of the maids of course. His room was to big to clean by yourself. Once you were done, you received the tofu soup as requested and placed it on a small table next to Akashi’s bed. You were folding some of his clothes when he walked out of the shower, towel hanging around his waist exposing his bare torso making your cheeks turn scarlet. He smirked at you and you looked away, trying to hide your embarrassed face, but the feeling was gone when he let out another sneeze.

“Ugh curse this flu. Whoever made it shall burn in hell. They don’t deserve to live, worthless peasant”, he grumbled.

You chuckled and motioned for him to lie down.

“Your food is ready, Sei”, you said.

“Thank you, [F/N]. Though it was not at all necessary”, he said as he began eating.

“I know you enjoy the attention”, you teased making Akashi roll his eyes.

While he was drinking, he let out a little cough which made some of the soup spill, and a gentle reminder, he was still naked under the towel, and, the soup was now dripping down his chest.

“Care to wipe it off, [F/N]? My hands seem to be full”, he said smirking.

“Oh so now you need help”, you scoffed, trying to hide your blush.

You pulled out a tissue from a tissue box and moved closer to him, dabbing away the soup. You hung your head low, your bangs covering your face. You felt Akashi place his bowl on the table beside him. Before you could look up, he had you pinned down on the bed. You gasped, letting the tissue fall onto the floor.

“Sei, what are you doing?”

“I really want to devour your lips my empress, but you’ll fall sick. Though, if you do not mind then, may I?”, he asked.

You blushed and turned your head to the side.

“I-I don’t mind…”

He smirked in victory as he planted a soft kiss on your lips, not wanting to increase the chance of you getting infected. He pulled away and then rested his body on top of you. You smiled and ran your fingers through his hair making him hum slightly. Soon, soft snores emitted from his lips and you kissed his forehead lightly. He was an emperor, but sometimes, he was nothing but a normal teenage boy who seeked love and care.



Pairing: Akafuri Akashi x Furihata

Rated: K (Fluffyy)


Summary: Akashi has the perfect anniversary plan for Akafuri day!


The sky was clear, there was a slight breeze and Furihata was in high spirits after finishing practice. He walked home, took a shower, and got changed. He threw himself onto his bed and picked up his phone. He frowned. He had 3 unread text messages.

Kuroko Tetsuya 3:27 PM : 

Where are you Furihata-kun?

Kagami Taiga 3:28 PM :

Furi you need to get back here right now!

Aida Riko 3:30 PM


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It Just Felt Right

Pairing: Stingue Sting x Rogue

Rated: K (fluffy)


Summary: The day that Sting met Rogue was one he would never forget.

It Just Felt Right 

Sting had been walking around town looking for a new vest for his exceed, Lector when he noticed a boy around his age crouched in an alleyway holding something pink in his arms. Sting being curious decided to follow the boy. He watched in awe as the young boy went from house to house knocking on doors and seeming to ask something before being turned away. Each time the boy was turned away Sting noticed the boy’s shoulders slump. After the 10th house, Sting decided he felt so bad for the boy that he just had to help him out.

The blonde approached the young boy in a friendly manner. His arms stretched out behind his head and a grin on his face.

“Do you need help? What’s your name? My name is Sting Eucliffe by the way.”

The other boy looked up at the blonde from behind his bangs. Sting noticed the boy’s crimson eyes were close to being in tears and he looked scared. Sting quickly tried to assess the situation and tried to comfort the mysterious boy by placing a hand on his shoulder. The raven-haired boy seemed to relax at the touch and he spoke softly.

“My name is Rogue, Rogue Cheney. I think my friend is about to pass out from hunger so I’ve been asking for food for her but nobody believes me and I don’t know what to do!”

Sting wipes away the few tears that had escaped down Rogue’s face and smiles.

“I believe you. I’ll help you. Come on, follow me!”

Sting grabs Rogue’s empty hand and pulls him toward the small cottage house he lived in with Lector.

When they arrived, Lector ran out to greet Sting only to discover he had company. He would have asked questions but stopped when he recognized the distress on his companions face.

“Hey Lector, can you find some food and bring it to the table for our new friends?”

Lector noticed the happiness in Sting’s voice and immediately went to go find snacks. He knew it had meant a lot to Sting to finally have made a friend and Lector would do his best to help Sting keep his new friend.

Sting pulled out a chair for Rogue to sit on and handed him a fluffy pillow to lay his pink bundle of a friend down.

“Are you okay? Do you need anything else?”

Sting took the seat next to Rogue and leaned closer to the raven-haired boy to check on him.

Rogue blushed at the sudden closeness. He had never had someone show him so much kindness before and gave Rogue a funny feeling in his stomach and caused his heartbeat to pick up speed.

Before Rogue could answer, Lector returned with some snacks and put them on the table. Sting grinned and gave Lector a high five in appreciation.

Rogue immediately stood up, grabbed a cookie, and gently shook the small pink bundle.

“Frosch have some food.”

Sting and Lector eyed the pink bundle coming to the conclusion that it was also an exceed.

Frosch devoured the cookie and a few more snacks before she stood up and gave Rogue a hug and drifting off to sleep in his arms.

Sting saw Rogue smile and thought his heart was going to explode. He had never seen anyone smile so gently before. He found himself being drawn in even more to the mysterious boy.

Lector was the first to speak.

“U-Umm… Frosch-kun can sleep on my bed if you want.”

Rogue bit his lip and gave Sting a worried look. He didn’t want to impose but Sting just smiled and took Frosch up in his arms and carried him to what Rogue assumed to be the bedroom.

Rogue fidgeted in his seat as he waited patiently for Sting to return. When the blonde finally appeared he was holding a box in his hand.

“You haven’t eaten yet either have you?”

Rogue looked away to avoid eye contact. Sting’s brilliant blue eyes unnerved him. They seemed to be able to see every thought the raven-haired boy had. He shook his head slowly in response.

Sting sat down next to Rogue again and opened the box. Rogue’s eyes lit up as he realized what it was. It was a box of Pocky, something Rogue hadn’t eaten since he was very young. Sting held out a Pocky stick to Rogue and he took it. He nibbled on the end of the Pocky trying to savor the taste as well as the selfless and generous way in which it had been given to him. It seemed that the more Rogue spent time with Sting, the more he felt attracted to him as if by nature. 

Sting watched as Rogue ate the Pocky stick and suddenly had a funny idea.

“Hey Rogue, do you want to play a game?”

 Rogue’s crimson eyes looked up and he tilted his head in question.

 “What game?”

 Sting lifted up a Pocky to Rogue’s lips.

 “It’s called the Pocky Game. Two people bite the ends of the Pocky and the first one to break it loses.”

 Rogue blushes at the idea of being so close to the blonde. The thought of kissing him crosses his mind and he blushes harder. He barely registers when Sting hands him the Pocky. He slowly moved the Pocky stick to his lips and held it there. His heart was racing a mile a minute and he squeezed his eyes shut in anticipation.

 Sting just blinked in surprise at the adorable face that Rogue was making and without another thought tugged the Pocky out of Rogue’s mouth and leaned in to kiss him.

 Rogue’s eyes fluttered open for a second as he felt the Pocky leave his mouth before closing once more at the feeling of Sting’s lips on his.

 The kiss was quick and as soon as it was over Rogue had flushed and hid his face in his hands.

 “W-What was that?”

 Sting laughed and tugged Rogue’s hands away from his face.

 “A kiss.”

 Rogue stared down at the floor until Sting tilted his chin upward to look at him. Rogue’s lower lip trembled and his breath hitched.

 “Why… we just met…”

 Sting pressed another kiss to Rogue’s lips before his bright blue orbs met Rogue’s crimson ones.

 “It just felt right.”

 And for some reason, Sting’s words were enough for Rogue and the two had stayed together from that point on.


The End


Kimiko-chan: I actually kinda rushed this a bit so I hope it’s still okay ^_^ I wrote it because I was inspired by that super adorable vine video and it’s Exceed day for Stingue week <3 

There's Always Truth in Jest

Pairing: Stingue ~ Sting x Rogue

Rated: K+ (Fluffy <3)


Summary: Set after the Grand Magic Games. Sting deals with being guild master and helping out his comrades while Rogue is there to lend a hand.

There’s Always Truth in Jest

The Grand Magic Games had come and gone and Sting Eucliffe had suddenly found himself as the new guild master of Sabertooth. The workload was difficult but seeing his nakama look so much happier than before was a great feeling. There were many things that Sting had grown to love about their new and improved guild but in his honest opinion, the best thing was being able to see his usually cold and stoic partner smile. It was so rare and so slight that Sting had to do a double take to make sure he had seen correctly. And the first time he had heard Rogue laugh, he was sure his heart stopped beating for a moment.

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Pen Pals

Pairing: Akafuri Akashi x Furihata

Rated: K


Summary: Akashi and Furihata are pen pals. Akashi uses an alias name so he doesn’t scare Furihata away.

Please read Rena-chan’s fanfic as well! It’s really good!

Pen Pals

Dear Sei-san,

 I was really happy to receive your letter! It’s been a week since the last one, I was beginning to worry you would stop sending me letters. You always say embarrassing things. I’m just ordinary, you’re the amazing one Sei-san! You’re smart, caring, and considerate. If anything, I wish I could be a little more like you. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we started sending letters to each other. I always smile after reading your letters. I can tell that you’re a very warm person just by the way you write every word with a lot of thought and precision. Speaking of warmth, the weather is starting to get warmer, it makes me want to go to the beach. Oh! We should go to the beach and then we can meet. I would be really happy if I could meet my long time pen pal, please say you’ll come. I’ll be waiting at Kujukuri Beach next sunday. I’ll wait for the whole day if I have to because I really want to see you. I hope you’re not troubled by my request.

Your friend,

Furihata Kouki ^_^V

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Three Requests

Pairing: Rintori Rin x Nitori

Rated: K+ (mostly fluff)

Fluffy One-shot

Summary: It’s Rin’s birthday and Nitori has the perfect plan for it to be a success, but will it turn out the way he expects?

Three Requests

I don’t love him. I don’t love him. I don’t love him. Nitori chanted the mantra to himself over and over in his head hoping to convince himself enough to make it true. Everyday he did this so that he would be able to act normal in front of him. By him, he meant Rin because there was no way in heck (Nitori doesn’t cuss) that Rin loved him in return. Rin was too perfect to ever have the curse of loving a boy like Nitori. Nitori’s mind strayed a bit before returning to the topic at hand, Rin’s birthday. Nitori had no idea what to get him, or what they were going to do. Since Rin told Nitori that he didn’t want a big party, Nitori thought it would be safe if it was just the two of them for the day, the only problem was that Nitori couldn’t decide what Rin would want to do more. He had many choices, the aquarium, a park picnic, the amusement park, the beach, or maybe the new water park that just opened up down the street. He also couldn’t think of a present which was very problematic considering Rin’s birthday was today and he would have to come up with something in the next 8 hours before Rin woke up. Nitori stayed up and planned schedule after schedule before he finally came up with the perfect one. It was 3:00 AM and Nitori figured he could take a little nap before deciding on Rin’s actual present.

~ 6 hours later ~

“Oi, Nitori wake up!”

“Hm? Senpai? What time is-!!!!”

Nitori got up frantically. The sun was already up and the clock said 9:30 AM. Nitori jumped up out of bed and frantically started to get ready for the schedule he made last night.

Rin watched in amusement as Nitori ran around their dorm panicking in what Rin considered a very cute way. 

“I’m so sorry senpai! I told you to wake up at 9 and I woke up even later than that, I’m so sorry!”

Rin chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it.”

Nitori smiled with gratitude before grabbing Rin’s hand and dragging him along with him outside. 

“Okay, first we’re going to have breakfast in the park.”

Nitori picked up the picnic basket he had prepared the night before and walked Rin to the park. When they arrived, Nitori set everything out. Rin’s favorite tea, tons of sweet looking baked goods, and Rin’s absolute favorite food in the world, bacon. Rin loved the fact that Nitori cared enough to do all of this for him. It really made him want to kiss Nitori all over his cute face, but he restrained because this was innocent Nitori and that would be wrong, so instead he thanked him and ate as much as he could.

Nitori was happy that Rin ate his cooking, he could definetly get used to cooking for him when they’re older. No no no stop! Nitori caught himself before he started thinking even more. I don’t love him, I don’t!

“Hey Nitori.”

“Oh! Huh?”

“You’ve been spacing out a lot lately, are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah I-I’m fine! Just fine!”

They sat together contently for a little while longer before Nitori smiled mischieviously at Rin.

“Now we’re on to the next part!”

“What? There’s more??”

Nitori smiled happily and nodded before grabbing Rin’s hand again and pulling him towards the aquarium. Nitori had figured that it wouldn’t be good to swim after eating so the beach and the water park were out. The amusement park would have been good except for the fact that Rin would have to go on the rollercoasters by himself because Nitori is deathly afraid of them.

When they got there Nitori bought both of their tickets before asking Rin what he wanted to see first. Of course the first thing he wanted to see were the sharks. Nitori secretly thought that Rin was very much like the sharks he loved so much, strong yet beautiful. While Nitori was lost in thought Rin was busy watching these little fish swimming around the sharks.

“Oi Nitori, what kind of fish is that?”

“Oh umm, it says here that it’s called a Pilot Fish.”

Rin walked over to where Nitori was standing and read the short paragraph.

The pilot fish’s color is between dark blue and blackish-silver, with the belly being lighter in color. The pilot fish’s relationship with sharks is a mutualist one; the pilot fish gains protection from predators, while the shark gains freedom from parasites. It was often said by sailors that sharks and pilot fish share something like a “close companionship”.

After reading the post Rin started to laugh hysterically. Nitori is just like these Pilot fish. Nitori gave Rin a confused look which only made Rin laugh harder. Honestly, Nitori was just too cute for his own good, he was Rin’s personal Pilot fish.

When they had made it through half of the aquarium, they took a break to eat lunch. And again for what seemed like the millionth time that day Nitori was chanting his mantra again in his head.

“Are you having a good time senpai?”

“I am, this is the best birthday I’ve ever had.”

Nitori smiled, Rin was best boyfriend ever… wait, did he just think boyfriend? He meant best friend! Nitori’s face heated up at the thought and for what seemed like the millionth time that day Rin thought that Nitori was unbearably cute.

When they finally left the aquarium it was dark out and the two were hungry again. Luckily, Nitori had planned ahead and made reservations at Rin’s favorite resturaunt.

Rin was impressed with how much thought Nitori had put into the whole day just for him. Rin felt like the luckiest man alive.

Meanwhile Nitori had finally realized what he had forgotten to do the night before, the most important thing. He had forgotten about the present. Nitori mentally kicked himself for being so stupid.What was he going to do now?

The food arrived and the two ate and talked happily. Rin was beginning to wish that the day wouldn’t end. But eventually and unfortunately for the both of them, they began heading back to their dorm.

When they reached their dorm Nitori had finally come up with an idea for a present.

“Um… senpai, I know that I’m an idiot and I’m really really sorry about this, but I forgot to get your present and so to make up for it, you can order me to do 3 things for you and I won’t ask questions and I won’t complain. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Nitori bowed his head and looked at the floor, his eyes beginning to fill with tears. This wasn’t supposed to happen, it was supposed to be the perfect day.

“Okay then, my first request would be that you stop feeling bad about it.”

Nitori snapped his head up.


“Ah-ah, you said that you wouldn’t complain or ask questions!”

Nitori quickly silenced himself but stared at Rin with adoration. Of course he would use his request to make Nitori feel better, 

Rin thought some more about his last two wishes when a funny thought crossed his mind. Just maybe…

“Nitori, my second request is that you kiss me.”

Nitori’s eyes widened in surprise.

“A-are you sure that’s what you want?”

Rin chuckled at that.


Rin pulled Nitori to him and kissed him softly. Rin caressed his cheeks and wove his fingers in his hair trying to get closer. He wanted to express everything he felt through that kiss. He didn’t expect Nitori to kiss back, but he did and Rin was pleased. When he pulled away they were both breathless.

“S-so… what is y-your last request sen-pai?”

“Tell me how you feel about me.”

Nitori felt his body go numb and then shiver as Rin arms wrapped around his body.

“I love you Ai, do you love me?”

Nitori gasped as Rin brushed his neck with his lips.

“Yes.” Nitori gasped again as Rin’s lips trailed down his neck and back up to his lips.

“Yes what?”

“I love you senpai!”

Rin grinned widely and squeezed Nitori tightly kissing him until he was completely out of breath. This was defintely by far the best birthday Rin had ever had.



Kimiko-chan: Whoohoo, extremely long birthday fic! I’m writing this at 2:30 in the morning so if there are errors… I’m sorry, but I’m too tired to catch them all at the moment. :3