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On HnR becoming an anime or live-action - L and J's Commentary on the possibility

There were so many questions about HnR being turned into an anime or live-action been thrown at us for months. L and I actually talked about this when we finish translating the last chapter and we ended up having a full blown conversation about the possibilities. This is how it went down…there’s a bit of commentary on the Japanese entertainment industry just to enhance our opinions. 

Note: This piece is just our opinion from being consumers of Japanese entertainment for several years. So please don’t take this out of context.

L: Even though HnR ended, I still think the possibility of an anime adaptation or live-action is still on the table right?

J: For sure, it could happen. I think there’s definitely a more likelihood of HnR being turned into a live-action than an anime though.

L: Yeah me too! Judging by the recent boom of Japan turning shoujo mangas into dramas or movies.

J: Omg, there have been so many this year! 5 years ago, shoujo live-action adaptations were seriously a rarity. If we were lucky there would be like 2-3 dramas adapted and maybe a film every year?

L: Shoujo manga to live-action is seriously a hit-or-miss. They either do really well at the box office or flop really hard.

J: Shoujo films that really did well at the box office included names like Kimi ni Todoke ($18 mil), Bokura ga Ita ($20-$28 mil), Suki tte Ii Nayo ($10 mil). Those that flopped in recent years included L-DK ($3.5 mil), High School Debut ($3.2 mil) just to name a few…


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i invite all of you to scream and cry as you watch this. it is kimi ni todoke with haruma miura aka the guy who is set to play eren jaeger in the live action (cries)