kimi koi calendar

Just finished watching/recording T-kun’s single release event at Nico Nico Headquarters yesterday~

The survey that was asked to the fans was “something that you take for granted, but gives you happiness,” and someone wrote that they live alone, so when they’re staying at their parents’ home or something and then coming back, there’ll be someone to says “okaerinasai,” and that makes them happy. T-kun said he understands this too, since he lives with his dad right now, but he’s often in Tokyo for work, and there won’t be anyone to say “okaerinasai” at the hotel. Just the person at the front desk that says, “okaerinasaimase” www

He was too cute as usual– he kept stumbling over his words and then hitting himself wwww

In the second mini live, before he started singing, he accidentally said “Ai Kotoba” and then fixed it by saying, “Ai Kotoba kara debut-shita .. Kimi Koi Calendar (After debuting with Ai Kotoba, [today I’m having a release event for] Kimi Koi Calendar)” Nice cover up haha

He sang Mata Ashita, Usotsuki, and Kimi Koi Calendar from his new single that released the other day~ Usotsuki is a really cool rock song .. and in the middle where he says “Usotsuki” into the mic is really ahhhh //

He said that during the CD recording, they were searching for the “Best of Usotsuki” since he’d keep going, “Usotsu– ah, sorry, can we do the next take? Usots– ahh, sorry”

T-kun says the other coupling song on Kimi Koi Calendar, “Usotsuki” is a rock song. Really curious what it sounds different since he usually writes ballads. He said the mood of the song is エグい, which is .. dark, rough? and when asked if he composed/wrote it, he said, he did, followed by ダーク智久(´◉◞౪◟◉`) (Dark Tomohisa)