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Hello new blog! Welcome to the community! I'm Milk ♡ Is it alright if I request some headcanons for Rohan going to the beach with his s/o? Thanks and good luck!

Sure! Sorry for taking a while on finishing your request. I hope you like these!


  • With Rohan wanting only the best, he won’t settle with going to some public beach. No matter how much you tell him not to, he will book a flight to a tropical resort for the weekend, whether you liked it or not.
    • “I am not going to have us spend time in the heat with other sweaty pieces of trash.”
    • “Before I met you, I went to public beaches. I guess that makes me trash–”
    • “No significant other of mine is trash. Now stop bickering with me and pack your things!”
  • Even if you had packed your own swimwear, Rohan would have bought you expensive new ones to wear around him. No matter your gender, he’ll make sure to either make you wear something form fitting, or something that would show off a lot of skin. 
    • “Don’t you think it’ll be better to draw you like this in all of your glory? Be thankful and stop being insecure.”
  • Whenever you’re not paying attention to him, he’ll make quick sketches of you interacting with your environment. He’ll want to sit in the shade with his sketch book and would insist that he doesn’t want to go with you, but he’ll smile to himself from seeing you have fun.
  • Because he’s taking you to a resort, he’ll treat you by taking you to a buffet or some posh restaurant in the area.  What better way to end the evening being wined and dined?
  • As the day comes to an end, he’ll might amuse you further by suggesting to bathe with each other. Despite how romantic of a gesture it is at first, you quickly regret complying as easily as you did, because Rohan doesn’t relent with his picky nature.
    • “I want to be cleaned a certain way, and I’m expecting you to do it right the first time. Gentle strokes going counter-clockwise on my chest, back, and nothing more; got that?”
    • He secretly appreciates the feeling of your hands on his bare skin though. 

I feel as if these are lacking something extra… If you want me to do something else or to add on to it, please tell me!

- Admin CJ