throwback to highschool. just going through my old sketchbooks.

edit (february 3, 2014): planning on going back and making this into a big piece when time allows ^^ keep your eyes peeled!

Painting 1 w/ Bryan Thomas Spring 2014

so many half started paintings .. not a painter, but it seems that its good to have a big variety to always go back and work on. anyways just started a landscape painting of some place from back home. hhs bridge. 
and as a result of not wearing gloves this time around, big hive like things on my hands. a spot of it on my face, and upper arms. struggle of an artist. allergic to my own paints..

Digital Tools w/ John Hersey Fall 2013

So this book project we’re working on is open to whatever we like. Decided to do a book on my hands specifically haha. Not sure exactly if this is what I want the book to look like (I have a bunch of pictures I took of my hands ready to work with) but for now, this is the general idea.