Kimchi&Ceviche vs. Dokebi vs. The Commodore

Dokebi and The Commodore.  2 very different restaurants for 2 very different themes.

Dokebi is a Korean bar and grill located on Grand in Williamsburg, we walked into this place excited to dig into some awesome Korean food.  Instead we got hit in the face with an onslaught of too many people trying too hard to be hip.  We did however order some drinks while waiting to be seated, as well as some Korean fish tacos; but still felt the overwhelmed by how packed this place was.

A week later, famished and ready to eat after an awesome day-road trip, we decided to go to The Commodore-another bar with a fully operational kitchen.  Originally, we planned to eat there, however, the lack of seating and the amount of douchiness that permeates from this place was just too much, so we decided to take our orders to go.  The Hot Breast itself was not disappointing at all and definitely served as proof to how consistent this place can be (last time Carlos had been there was ~2 yrs ago).  They’re definitely worth checking out, however, the service is sub-par and pending on when you go it can be a bit intolerable–but maybe we’re just grannies.

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