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Who wants nudes when u can gets foods. Speaking of noods kimchi flavored ramen+chocolate sauce+oregano+milk 😜😋

THIS ANON GETS IT!! That actually doesnt sound that bad if you take out the chocolate. Ive seem someone eat chocolate noodles, they didnt like it very much…


Word Count: 1,672 words

Genre: Fluff, Highschool AU, Roommates AU, roommate!Yoongi, basketballer!Yoongi

Summary: You’re permanently stressed and your roommate’s always worriless, but the both of you have never passed the “roommate” status

It’s 8.17pm. Great. Choir practice lasted an hour longer than usual. The student council meeting just had to run overtime. Being the teacher’s pet meant that you had to run errands for the balding literature professor, no matter how burdensome.

Your weary body trudges itself down the corridor, flinging the third door on the left open impatiently. The silver locks of your roommate are peeking out from under the covers of his bed and he’s probably sleeping or reading his precious manga, not that you actually bother to find out as you hastily dump yourself in front of your desk piled with extensive notes, textbooks and the like. You and Yoongi despite sharing a room aren’t too familiar with each other, he minds his business and you do the same. Cleanliness isn’t a problem and his simple habits don’t affect you, so neither of you had bothered getting to know each other further and the five months of living together so far have been smooth.

Your to-do list blares attractively before your eyes. Literature essay, biology group assignment, project proposal. Due date: tomorrow. A muttered God, help me escapes your lips because there’s no way you’ll be able to finish all that tonight, not when you’re starting at this hour and haven’t even had dinner or showered yet. Nevertheless you’re not the type to request for extensions, even if you have to burn the midnight oil. You shoot a sideways glance at your roommate, who also happens to be your classmate and you can’t help but question how he does it. Min Yoongi by far is the laziest person you know, and you are a very organized, diligent perfectionist. Yet somehow, judging from the way he’s wrapped like a human burrito on his bed, he gets his shit done.

A few texts beep in and you click on the screen of your handphone, only for you to run your left hand through your semi-tangled tresses. It looks like you’ll be tanking the biology group assignment on your own and at this point you’re just too exhausted to even argue with your irresponsible group members. Your body is tired, aching, hungry, desperately in need of rest but your brain screams at you to Do it, (Y/N). You are the model student and this is what you’re supposed to do with your life.

However, your body knows its limits. A few blinks at the laptop screen and the words of the lengthy article are swimming before your strained eyes. Your mind is cloudy with the knowledge of all you have to do but without the strength to do it. A few droplets scatter onto your lap, two sniffles; and you’re sobbing, such that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself even if you wanted to.

Yoongi peeks out from under his kumamon blanket, squinting his eyes at you. She’s officially had it, he thinks. Her breakdown. He shakes his head, a part of him wishing this had come for you earlier so that you’d realize how damaging it was, how you stressed yourself with all your commitments and perfecting every single piece of work. He knows that internally, you scoff at his laid-back ways, but honestly he’s thankful for having a roommate that he can get along with. And even if he’s just your “roommate”, he’s not going to let his roommate just sit there and cry while she overworks her sixteen-year-old self to the limit. You, he thinks, need a long break.

You don’t hear him padding across the floor towards you, but you do feel it when his hands grab around both your forearms to prod you up; without a word he strolls you out the dorm room and down the corridor.

“Where-” you hiccup. “are we going?”

“Some place that’ll do you more good than you’ve ever done to yourself.”

It’s down the corridor, through the glass swing doors of the hostel, up the stairs of the side building, twenty meters straight and Yoongi stops. He eyes the marked ground so familiar to him and sighs contentedly, then turns to you and his lips curve ever so slightly. “What are you waiting for?”

You stare back at him blankly, clearly not understanding what he’s trying to do because what would someone as busy as you be doing on the school basketball court at night? He purses his lips and bites back a sarcastic comment (those of which he utters frequently but never means purposefully or spitefully) before jogging over to the metallic box, pale calves flexing in the dim light, picking up a sweaty-smelling basketball and tossing it to you. “Shoot those hoops!” He yells from his position. “It helps with the stress, trust me.”

Your mind clicks and you remember, Yoongi’s the shooting guard of the school’s prestigious basketball team. It’s his passion. Whatever worries he ever has are all worked out during the lengthy durations he spends on the court. Then your pressurizing, competitive, perfectionist side kicks in: He’s a professional basketballer, (Y/N), you’ve never touched a ball in your life let alone shoot a hoop. You won’t be able to do this correctly, what if he laughs at you?

Yoongi sees your furrowed eyebrows and tiny frown as you clench the ball in your hands that he reads perfectly. “I know what you’re thinking, (Y/N). Don’t think so much, just go.”

And somehow, the kind smile he shows you at that moment encourages you to let go of everything that worries you and all the unnecessary stress you bear on yourself. Yoongi watches you intently, the lips spreading wider on his face as you challenge yourself multiple times again and again to get the damn ball into the net. The beads of sweat collected on your forehead stream down your neck and your breathing intensifies as blood pumps warm, circulating your body.

“Better now?” The fair-skinned boy crouches over you when you’re now sprawled out on the concrete, the releasing of your stress has left you feeling a tad exhausted but more relaxed than you’ve ever been. Flitting your eyes up, you digest his silver bangs which curl at the ends then make your way down to his chocolate pupils which peer at you in amusement, yes, you nod.

“Good, now eat this.”

He extends a plastic container out to you and you don’t need too much time to figure out that it’s a cup of instant noodles - kimchi flavored. Crossing his legs he nestles down beside you and digs into his own cup, disposable chopsticks wrapping around the starchy noodles before lifting them up to his mouth to gently blow the food cool. The instant noodles though unhealthy render you speechless once they enter your mouth, giving you realization of how famished you must have been while busying yourself the whole day. Your hands hold the cup close to your chin and you peek out at Yoongi from behind the lid. He slurps up the orange-tinted sauce, contentment spelled across his features and you’re wondering just why you’ve never felt this way before - for the first time in your life every nerve in your body is calm, the silence between you and another body is not because you’re working, your forehead isn’t creased with frown lines caused by stress. And as the breeze of ten o’clock when street lamps are lit dries up the sweat on your skin you realize how much time you’ve wasted not getting to know the human beside you, who although of few words has shown you so many things in just one night.

Both of your shadows are cast far under the dim bulbs of the street lamps, in companionable silence but you do wish that Yoongi and you were more than roommate status to each other, friends at the very least, such that expressing your thoughts would be easier and perhaps, not so awkward. He seems to read your mind again but startles you when he moves a foot closer beside you, his right hand clasping your left.

“Maybe this will lessen the awkwardness,” he chuckles in his gravelly voice and hopes you don’t catch the tiny quiver in his voice, because right at the very back of his head, he remembers that he had, since the seventh grade - and knows that he still does have a little of - a crush on you.

The smoothness of his skin tingles against yours, but you decide not to complain about the abrupt hand-holding of two individuals who have not had a proper conversation with each other although having lived together as roommates for five months, not that you could understand his sudden move or know what to remark about it. Nonetheless, having his grip in yours feels soothing and it feels more right speaking to to him casually.

“I haven’t finished my work yet,” you mumble as you both get, step by step, closer to the rooms.

“And so?” His tone is nonchalant and you’re about to fling into panic mode at the thought of having to marathon through all those essays once you get back and then he continues. “Call in sick tomorrow.”

Your jaw drops. “Y-you mean, skip school?”

“Yes, (Y/N),” he smirks. “Your life isn’t complete until you skip a day of school, even if it’s just for one day.”

You’re wide-eyed and about to protest but then you recall, this is Min Yoongi whom you’re talking to, your seemingly lazy and laid-back roommate who gets his shit done no matter how much he procrastinates and still manages to live a fulfilling, enjoyable life that all teenagers your age should and you shut your mouth as your heart tells you to just go with it, you trust him.

And just as you reach the oak door of the shared room you both are about to retire into, you murmur thank you, Yoongi amidst two gentle squeezes of his palm which is still encased in yours.

“Don’t worry about it, this is what roommates are for.”

(a/n): ahh I’ve finally finished it! (I fell sick after camp so this got delayed) but I guess this is a little something for those of you who are or get stressed out by school and everything that comes with it (because I definitely do when I have to balance dancing and studying, it’s so tiring sometimes that I breakdown too) but remember to always, always hang in there and give yourselves a good break when it’s getting too much, yeah?

[TRANS] 2PM Hanako no.1097


The Wonderland City that Will Soon Become the Next Boom♥
Jiyugaoka Food Futakotamagawa Holiday

Who is the chief bear?
On the weekend, the 6 2PM guys go out to eat NY gourmet burgers.

In their 5th year of debuting in Japan, 2PM will be releasing their 10th single on October 21.
The 6 of them together arrived in Jiyugaoka for the first time. The gourmet burgers in question are from “BAREBURGER,” which has made its first landing from NY, and they had a day off while holding a gourmet burger in one hand.

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