kimchi casserole

Homemade: MC/707

anyone ask for more MC/707 pointless fluff. well ya got it!!!!

summary: MC doesn’t flaunt it often but they can cook. So they decide to surprise their housemates with a handmade meal :-)

The RFA didn’t know this but you could be considered quite a talented cook. At home, before you moved out, your mom used to work nights so you had to make dinner. You’d come home in the afternoon following school and plan out what you’d be having for dinner, knowing it needed to be ready by when dad and mom returned. They weren’t five star culinary wonders obviously, you couldn’t afford those ingredients, but nonetheless your meals were always tasty.

Maybe that’s why once you had moved in with Saeyoung and Saeran it seemed like almost a badge of honor. You wanted to prove your cooking prowess to them, make both of them proud. They both worried you endlessly, never sleeping at proper times or eating; a fact you often scolded them for. Especially Saeyoung. He always just brushed your persuading off, making some passe joke about how all he truly needed was Honey Buddha chips; at least Saeran pretended he was listening.

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